7 Non-Amplified Acts for your Wedding

April 08, 2015

We appreciate that although many people want their wedding to be a loud, all singing and all dancing affair that gets people off their seats and having a great time, the simple truth is that some venues have a sound limiter, so that amplifier will have to be turned right down. But rather turning it down, why not get rid of it completely? Grandma won’t complain about the noise and in some cases, the musicians can mingle with your guests creating a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere (not that it’s not enjoyable already – it is your wedding after all).

Without further ado, here is a wonderful selection of acts that don’t need an amplifier to wow a wedding party.


RednoteRednote are an experience pop quartet who can deliver the pop classics exactly how you need them. They work well as both background music or providing a party atmosphere and will have your Auntie screaming Come On Eileen at the top of her lungs. Within the sound limits of the venue, obviously.

Ze Trio

Ze TrioZe Trio are exactly the kind of band that make venues smile. No amplifier needed, a bit more quirky than what they see normally and some brilliant tunes to get everybody dancing at your wedding! From Britney Spears to Muse via Beethoven and Frank Sinatra, they really have it all. If you can find a better band comprising a violin, a guitar and an accordion then we’ll eat our wedding hat.

Wandering Hands 

Wandering HandsA wedding favourite, Wandering Hands have played any and every venue you can think of, playing for a variety of famous faces including Gandalf himself. They really know how to get a party started and can play famous pop tracks as well as improvising based on the suggestions of your guests. Your wedding party will love them and just to get you in the mood, why not enjoy one of their covers here?

The Blind Tigers

The Blind TigersIt’s always best not to take a name literally or your guests would be running about your wedding, screaming in fear as yet another huge tiger rushes towards them, bumping into the pews along the way. A New Orleans Jazz band, The Blind Tigers are all graduates of prestigious music colleges and can play anything from old soul classics right through to modern pop. Who needs an amplifier?!

The Cover Brothers

 You know a wooden box that you see musicians tap and you’ve always wondered what it is? Wonder no more. The Cover Brothers play with a cajon (that’s what it’s called!) and an acoustic guitar, sampling pop classics as they go. Smartly dressed and cool as hell, as their name suggests they can cover anything your wedding party require. If it’s pop or if it’s rock, they’ll have the dance floor grooving all evening be they performing on a stage or mingling amongst the crowd.

Steel Strum 

 A new and exciting duo to get your mum up on the dance floor, Steel Strum combine a steel pan, acoustic guitar, bass drum and a tambourine into something quite wonderful, with Classic FM listeners perhaps recognising their unique sound. Having performed at prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall, they’re perfect for your wedding and best of all, as this blog suggests, no booming amplifier needed!

Acoustic Guitar

 It’s a classic and to be honest, it may be exactly what you want for your wedding. If you’re in any doubt over what will go down well, the acoustic guitar is probably the safest bet. They can perform on stage or work the room, ensuring that no wedding guest gets left behind!  "You want Wonderwall? Oh..."

So as you can see, it isn’t the end of the world if your venue has a sound limiter because wedding acts know the difficulties and have been playing within the rules for years, without compromising on the sound.





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By Henry Fosdike