7 New Music Acts for Events and Parties

March 24, 2016

Doolally Tap, New Orleans Group

It’s that time of the year where we are all about new things! Spring brings along baby lambs, blossoming flowers and of course, some fantastic new musical acts for events. Not a week goes by where Sternberg Clarke doesn’t have someone auditioning in the room below their office (that’s not the basement by the way, we’re on the second floor…) and to celebrate a fair number making it onto our entertainment roster, here are 6 fab new acts that we have added to the site in the past month.

The Thumping Tommys

 Now that is a name that stands out from the crowd! We never actually asked if they’re known for punching anyone called Thomas at events, but we’d presume not. No, The Thumping Tommys are a top notch bluegrass/folk band who perform a gorgeous blend of Irish and American folk music with a distinctly English style. It’s not just about the music, but the look as well. Any event planner will tell you that! A firm favourite at festivals, weddings and any other party you can think of, the band were also hired for the launch party of the Coen Brothers’Inside Llewyn Davis, so that should give you some idea of their sound. A brilliant new act for events.


A mesmerising singer-guitarist on the live events scene, Jay is a the perfect addition to any event whether you’re after an upbeat party set of songs that will have everyone dancing, or a smooth background set to wash over the room during dinner. Jay is a consummate professional who delivers a chilled out setlist of songs for all to enjoy. A very exciting addition to the scene.

Blue Swan

A unique ensemble that perform music from across the jazz and classical music traditions, Blue Swan are conventional in the sense that they are a fantastic quarter, but unconventional in their combination of jazz trained musicians amongst those who have studied classical masters. As a result, you’re lucky enough to be able to experience Beiderbecke and Bach in the same performance! Show songs from musicals, themes from the golden age of cinema and a few more contemporary numbers, there’s a lot to be excited for in Blue Swan, a young, professional lineup that combine romance and sophistication for a memorable evening corporate event or party.

The J-Tones

 They’re probably frustrated at the Pitch Perfect comparisons but there is no denying that the two films did more for a cappella than a few seasons of Glee ever did! Regardless of where your loyalties lie, a cappella is suddenly huge on the events scene (we’d like to think we were there at the start with Beatvox and The Lips) and The J-Tones are a classic troupe in the guise of a barbershop quartet. Drawn from the UK’s top music colleges, these four are available for all occasions and may even sing ‘Baby on Board’ from Homer Simpson’s Be Sharps…But you’d have to ask nicely. The J-Tones cover a huge and varied repertoire and create a beautiful sound that recently wowed at the Historical Royal Palaces' Tradition Retold event at the Tower of London. Definitely not to be missed!


 Ah, the luck of the Northern Irish! Belfast-born vocalist Megan specialises in jazz and swing and has been established on the London scene for the past 6 years. As well as singing through the usual jazz standards, Megan also performs a large repertoire of contemporary music from artists which include Daft Punk, which may surprise you based on the photo. That teaches us then not to judge a book by its cover! Another reason why you shouldn’t? Megan can sing solo but is also available for weddings and other events with a pianist, guitarist and expanded jazz band.

Doolally Tap

Jazz is the all the rage at the moment, so in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a stellar name! Well infused with the infectious energy and inspiration of the New Orleans jazz scene, Doolally Tap have all that and more! Led by a trombonist and sousaphone player (a what?!) the exuberant live performances are marked with an heir of authenticity that brings to life the music of Southern America and is a must if you’re a fan of the music from The Princess and the Frog (as well as many, many other films and television shows set in the deep south.

Brothers & Sons

Have we saved the best until last? No comment, but feel free to judge for yourself! Brothers & Sons are so new we haven't even had time to add them to our website but wow, are they a superb musical act for your delectation. They performed an awful lot at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships last year and have gained fans all across the capital and abroad. Their cover of The Lumineers is a particular highlight and will wow everybody at your party or event. Just brilliant.  

So there we have it! Of course, this is not an exhaustive list by any means - hell, even the music acts listed on the website are only a small percentage of what we have - so feel free to get in contact! 

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By Henry Fosdike