7 New Acts for September

September 05, 2016

LED Hula Hoop

It’s that time of the year when summer sprinkles its last sunny spell upon the UK before disappearing and allowing Autumn to do its thing. From the changing colours of the trees to the fun we have playing in the rustic leaves, there’s no doubting that September’s arrival brings about many more forms of entertainment to enjoy. As such, we thought we’d jump into the mix as well, in order to highlight 7 fab new acts to enjoy.

The Snowglobe

What do you get when you bring together two talented acrobats and a cheap item that you can buy from any museum shop around the globe? Amazingly, you get to hire the most beautiful entertainment act around in the form of The Snowglobe, where the two performers enact a captivating balance routine as glitter falls all around. A great option for Christmas parties, The Snowglobe is a visual treat.

Bond Street

Looking to book a vintage band? Then look no further because Bond Street have everything you’re looking for! Taking your favourite songs from the nineties through to the present day, this talented ensemble present a unique swinging twist to every song in their repertoire and are sure to get you tapping your toes in time to the beat! Young, well-dressed and talented - what more could you want?


We wrote a blog last week explaining that futuristic acts are set to have a bumper year in 2017 and this is the sort of reason why! Zoom are a slick, hi-tech choreographed dance spectacle that utilise LEDs and hoverboards to leave your jaw agape. Dressed in pixel video suits (which can be programmed to display any company logo or brand), this high energy four-piece debuted their act on The Gadget Show earlier this year, which we think is a sure sign of their pedigree!

The Jazz Chameleons

Hiring a jazz band can be a headache. We know that. Scouring through various YouTube videos and playlists as you ascertain which one to book is a difficult task, which is why we like to make it easy by only putting the best of the best on our website. With The Jazz Chameleons you can sleep easy after booking them, because they can play a whole host of songs from the 1920s through to the 1960s, providing an effortless blend of ballads and energetic swing to ensure you’ll have a night to remember!

Water Contortion

Building on the success of the incredible Sphere Contortion, Water Contortion does exactly what you might expect, presenting a similar routine from within a half sphere of water. The UK’s only water-based contortion and hand balance act, our skilled acrobat provides visual splendour to this circus routine, working the bowl in an effortless manner that is sure to impress at corporate events and private parties alike.

LED Hula Show

 Similar in style to the Superhoopers, the LED Hula Show provides an entrancing rainbow of colour as five fully programmable hoops run through a colourful pattern in time to the performer’s movements and the beat of the accompanying musical track. Transforming the stage into a spinning, dazzling light show, this is a must have for your corporate party with the logo of your company able to be inserted into the performance.

Hula Quickchange

What do you get when you combine a circus performance with the wonderful world of magic? That’d be the Hula Quickchange, which combines a mind-blowing hula hoop performance with an impressive finale where the hooper’s dress magically changes from a little black dress to a long white ball gown before your very eyes! This amazing entertainment act has to be seen to be believed!



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By Henry Fosdike