7 Advantages To Booking Your Wedding Entertainment Through A Supplier

September 05, 2014

Planning a wedding involves a large sum of negotiating, research and perhaps most importantly, time; it’s why wedding planners exist after all. Now when it comes to the entertainment, you could spend hours searching for the right band, DJ, etcetera – or you could work with an entertainment company who can handle everything entertainment-related on the big day. But just what are the advantages of working with such a company?

In reality there are a vast amount of advantages to booking with an entertainment company, just like there are advantages – and disadvantages – to going it alone. In essence, an entertainment company is a full service offering that does all of the hard work for you so you don’t have to search out bands on Google for instance or have to try your hand at negotiating the rates, times, equipment, or even be forced to deal with any nasty surprises that might crop up.

So here's a number of advantages that come with booking your wedding entertainment through an entertainment supplier.

1.    You have a pool of expertise to draw from

Entertainment companies have a number of loyal staff whose primarily role is to source the best musicians, performers and entertainers around. Essentially this means that if there's a type of band or act you're looking for, they will have an answer for each and every price range.

They also have experience in dealing with hundreds of unique venues and so they can pass their vast knowledge on to you. It could be in terms of restrictions a particular venue might have, how you might be able to budget your entertainment more effectively or what kind of entertainment might work best for your theme. They'll also have reams of experience in effectively dealing with any issues as they arise.

2.    Your budget can go further

It's not always easy to understand how bands and musicians charge for their services. Ultimately it comes down to several variables that can include: how many musicians there are, what equipment is needed, travel times, set length and various other factors.

Entertainment companies can quote exactly how much a certain performer, act or band may charge for your requirements so you can ensure that as well as not being hit with any unexpected fees, you can also get suggestions on what acts may be suitable for a particular budget and price range – helping stretch your wedding budget further.

3.    You need not worry about quality

Entertainment suppliers make it their job to have the highest quality musicians on their books in order to make sure that every single booking is a fantastic experience for their clients.  It's also crucial to note that some of the best musicians choose to be represented by an entertainment company as they may spend so much time playing at events, gigs, and rehearsing in the studio to manage their bookings properly.

Through booking via an entertainment supplier, you can leverage their extensive knowledge of acts and bands in order to save time and negate any worries about the quality of your act. Of course the last thing you'd want is a sub-standard band marring the experience of your wedding day.

4.    You're fully insured against any unexpected circumstances

Ever thought about what could happen if the band you booked suddenly weren't able to make it, or if a certain band member fell ill? 

Well with an entertainment company, your booking is fully insured against any unexpected issues. If a member can't make it, they will have a stand-in ready to perform to ensure your entertainment goes to plan perfectly.

Oh and they also usually have fully-fledged insurance policies covering large amounts just in case something goes wrong with the act and you're left with a bill.

5.    Your time is saved

As the old adage goes, time is money; and with planning a wedding, sometimes there's just not enough time to do everything you need to, especially if you were planning on sourcing a band yourself.

Booking a band or musician for your wedding via an entertainment company means that all you need to do is consult with a dedicated coordinator over the phone or via email, saving time for the other pressing issues your wedding needs attending to.

6.    There's a lot less stress involved

With the hundreds of things that could potentially go wrong with a wedding (let's not get into that now), the last thing you want to do is fret about if a guitarist can play a certain song for you or if the string quartet is more of a trio.

When booking your entertainment through a company, you can leave all of the worries and niggling issues with someone with much more experience, leaving you with a clearer and more focused mind.

7.    A full level of customisation

You probably think you're just limited to a few genres or styles of band or musician when booking your wedding entertainment. Well, trust me, when you've been in the entertainment business for this long, almost anything is possible.

Booking your wedding entertainment through a dedicated supplier – especially us here at Sternberg Clarke – means that whatever theme, idea or concept you have for your wedding, your act can be customised to suit your needs entirely.

Wardrobe, setlist, instruments, staging, style – you name it, we can customise it.

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By Stephen Warr