6 Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas

September 28, 2016

The thing about weddings is that no matter how you try to change them up, they are often quite similar. There’s the ceremony, the drinks reception, the photos, the wedding breakfast and for some, a hangover the next day. Wouldn’t you like to make your wedding stand out from the others with some memorable entertainment that will have everybody talking? Of course you would and the best bit is that some of these ideas don’t cost anything at all!

RSVP a Dancefloor Filler

 When sending out your invites, you should include a small area on the invitation for your guest to request a song of their choosing that will delight the entire room! Once you’ve hired a DJ for the evening, you can simply pass on this crowdsourced playlist and dance the night away knowing that every single person in attendance will definitely like at least one song. Genius! Do make sure there aren’t any duplicates in there though; the dancefloor might empty fast on the seventh playing of Uptown Funk no matter how good the song may be!

Mr and Mrs Quiz

 You could hire a presenter for this fun idea during dinner but it’s also possible to get the best man to do it. After all, he may have just finished nervously reeling off the best man speech so allowing him to let off some steam by becoming a quizmaster is a no brainer. With every table taking part, the categories for the questions come from the bride and groom themselves and are based on their lives. Just how much do you know about the newlyweds?

Video Booth

 If you’re looking to hire a photo booth – and many a couple do – then you might be interested to know that video booths exist as well! Friends and family are able to head into the booth and record a short video for the bride and groom with props on hand to make it even more fun! Who needs a photo album anyway? Also on a video theme, rather than hire a videographer, you could convince friends and family to capture the day with short videos and stitch them all together yourself (or maybe convince a friend to edit them all as a wedding gift to you!)

Vintage Paparazzi

 Sure to raise a smile from everybody who arrives for your big day, vintage paparazzi do exactly what you might expect; snap photos of guests as they arrive and query them on whether they’re looking forward to the day and what they’re wearing! Decked out in clothes that hark back to the days when newsprint media was at the forefront of journalism, vintage paparazzi will make everybody feel like a celebrity for just a few minutes.

Giant Jenga

 This is a really fun idea and one that truly pays off long after your wedding day. If you get married on a hot summer’s day, one form of wedding entertainment that is proving increasingly popular is to have some lawn games or giant versions of board games. They range from Battleship to Connect 4 and even Jenga, which is the one we’re focusing on today. You see, after guests have enjoyed a game and knocked over the tower, they can write a short message on the block about the newlyweds and the wedding day, which any future children will then be able to read when they play with the Jenga set years later! Lovely.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

 This one certainly isn't just for kids. If games are really you’re thing and you’re worried about the downtime for guests when photos are being taken or as people arrive at your wedding venue, why not initiate a photo scavenger hunt? Similar to the ‘I Spy’ books of years gone by, convincing your guests to ‘take a photo of the groom kissing the bride’ or ‘somebody spilling their drink’ is a wonderfully fun way to capture the special occasion. You might even like to come up with a hashtag for sharing on Instagram!

If you’re inspired by any of these ideas and are looking to make them a reality then get in touch to hire wedding entertainment using the links below.



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By Henry Fosdike