6 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas for your Big Day

September 09, 2015

When booking entertainment for your wedding day, it’s often difficult to know what works. Do you want to book the same function band that you saw at a friend’s wedding? Perhaps, but you want your special day to be unique! So how can you make your wedding day extra special? What sort of wedding entertainment should you hire for your big day? We’ve come up with a few unique cabaret ideas to help get you thinking!

Le Gateau Chocolat

 Le Gateau Chocolat isn’t a typical addition you might expect to see at a wedding but he can be a wonderful Master of ceremonies and deliver a stunning and outrageous show at the reception. From opera to pop and jazz to musical theatre, there’s more than enough Le Gateau Chocolat to go around and this baritone drag queen diva will wow your wedding guests. The ultimate in unique wedding entertainment, this larger than life singer has performed at The Royal Opera House in London and is anything but typical.

Sphere Contortion

 Valerie is a talented multi-disciplined circus performer whose show is delivered on top of a one metre spinning mirrorball. Her routine can be adapted to fit various different musical styles and can even be themed around your wedding day. Sphere Contortion is also available for most venues as it can be performed on the floor or rather incredibly, suspended in the air! You’ll never have seen another slice of wedding entertainment quite like it!


 Come on now. Just look at that picture! Nobody should put unique wedding entertainment in the corner! Carousel is a stunning freestanding aerial rig that can come in two different themes depending on when your wedding is taking place – ‘ice garden’ or ‘summer garden’. A perfect solution where rigging isn’t possible, Carousel is a phenomenal, elegant act that is able to be performed both indoors and outside. An act to ensure that your wedding photos are as visually astounding and beautiful as possible! Also available to be booked for weddings is a simple slice of entertainment – The Birdcage.

Aerial Silk Artist

 One for the larger wedding venues, there is no piece of unique wedding entertainment more beautiful than an aerial silk artist. Suspended from the ceiling by flowing silk drapes, a talented performer can twist and turn to music to create an ambient acrobatic display or even improvise a hanging routine. A majestic and graceful act, it’s best to let the photos speak for themselves! No performance is ever the same.

Balanas Sisters

 One for the classical music lovers, the Balanas Sisters are two immensely talented sisters who can perform a little background music on your wedding day before delivering a ten to fifteen minute recital to stun your guests. Both graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music and have captivated audiences around the world with their virtuosic talents. A fabulous addition to any wedding, enjoy a flawless rendition of your favourite classical piece to make your wedding day truly magical.

Related Dancers

 When it comes to unique wedding entertainment ideas, it’s often easy to forget that your guests are as part of the big day as yourselves. A function band is great to get the room going but many attendees are often too shy to hit the dance floor. By booking a dance troupe who relate to the style of music that your function band play, the evening can incorporate the fun nature of a Ceilidh with music that suits your particular musical tastes.

It is often difficult to know exactly which wedding entertainment ideas will fit your perfect day, so why not get in touch with one of our bookers using the details below? 

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By Henry Fosdike