6 Easy Ways To Make Your Wedding More Fun

August 14, 2014

More fun, funner, funtastic – it doesn't matter your stance on syntax, they all mean the same thing for a wedding. And yes, whilst there's a lot of planning and organisation that goes into making sure the wedding goes off without a logistical hitch, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also look at some ways to make it as fun as possible for both yourself, and your guests.

Entertainment is our business and so here’s 6 easy ways to make your wedding the most entertaining one you'll ever be at and ultimately, more fun.

 1. Theme it

Yeah, that doesn’t mean making everyone dress up in Alice in Wonderland outfits as some people mind find that just little too intrusive, especially on their wallets!

But a well thought out theme to your wedding can help make it one to remember, and if it goes right you can be the envy of your friends and family next up on the list to tie the knot. And if you’re lucky, it’ll be so good that you might even get accused of stealing the idea from somewhere else.

First, it makes sense to think about your venue and where the reception and ceremony are being held. Held in a barn? Well that’s perfect for decorating the venue with a little rustic, vintage charm. Is there an orchard or grove of trees nearby? Decorate the trees effectively and you'll have your very own garden party theme.

Of course there are hundreds of ideas for wedding themes out there and it might do you good to take a look through some of the premier wedding blogs out there like Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress and Green Wedding Shoes.

 2. Streamline your speeches

Having been to a wedding or two in the past, I can assure you there’s nothing more a) clichéd and b) boring than having to listen to a medley of stories related to the groom that are watered down almost to the point of offense.

But, a boring speech is better than an offensive one. No one wants to hear “…and because it’s his third wedding here, I’ve bought him his very own parking space” or any stories that might not be appropriate for the bride, or the bride’s family to hear.

Keep them short, snappy and simple and stick to the main ingredients of a good wedding speech and your guests will thank you.

 3. Make it live

Of course you could simply wire up an ipod, laptop or tablet to a PA and play music that way, but where’s the charm in that?

Hiring a live band for your wedding isn’t just about the music. If it were, then the playlist hooked up to speaker combo would work just fine. Alas, it's not and it’s mainly about the experience that the band gives you that counts.

There are so many different styles of wedding bands out there that it’d be impossible to suggest just one – tribute bands, swing bands, jazz bands, ceilidh bands (a personal favourite) and general purpose rock and party bands can all be called upon to create your wedding entertainment.

Your wedding guests will appreciate the higher level of production and effort put into your wedding, and most of all, it’ll be a lot more fun than having to slap hands away from the iPod playlist.

 4. Think outside the box

It’s easier said than done, but think about anything and everything you’d love to have at your wedding and, go for it. It’s yours to customise and do whatever you like with.

That might mean you’ve organised some outdoor lawn games like a spot of rounders, cricket or even boules. It might mean you’ve opted for a pick’n’mix table to gorge your sweet tooth on. Maybe you love cheese so much you want to create a four tiered wedding cake made of different kinds of cheese?

It could be practically anything, but the more you think about it, the more fun and entertainment you – and your guests – will get out of your wedding day.

 5. Go professional

Understandably, many brides and grooms are cutting costs wherever they can on their wedding. After all, they are very expensive affairs these days.

Entertainment is the cornerstone of a good party or wedding and whilst no, bigger is not necessarily better, it can make a huge impact on proceedings if that guy your cousin knows who plays in a band isn’t quite as good you hoped. It's not that he's not great, it's just that they are called 'professionals' for a reason.

Most bands and performers have experience at playing for events and weddings, sometimes in the span of decades. Through this, they understand how to get the audience having the best time of their live and are experts at playing with crowd dynamics.

And it’s not just the music that benefits from you going professional and looking to hire quality, it's caterers, planners, florists and more. Your wedding will be more fun because of it.

 6. A bouncy castle

Yes I said it – a bouncy castle. You were looking for 6 easy ways to make your wedding more fun weren’t you? Well this is one of them, and it’s probably the easiest to arrange.

A bouncy castle is fun no matter what age you are and if you have the space at your wedding venue, I strongly urge you to consider how great a 10ft high inflatable palace of fun would be to celebrate your wedding day.

And if anyone questions your decision, it doesn't matter, they don't have a bouncy castle.

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By Stephen Warr