6 ‘Different’ Slices of Christmas Party Entertainment

August 11, 2015

Incredibly, it’s August already. Where on earth have the past seven months gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were being wowed by the Christmas lights of Bond Street, Birdman and Whiplash at the cinema and an upcoming election that would be too close to call and would definitely without a shadow of a doubt lead to a hung parliament. Hmm...  But now we look ahead to the next few months and like it or not, Christmas is drawing near. Which means a Christmas party needs to be organised. And Christmas entertainment needs to be sorted. Here are six ‘different’ slices of entertainment for your Christmas party.


 Magicians are brilliant and tend to navigate the party room with a sense of mystique following behind. Often dressed in a suit, they charm and move on, often somewhat surprising the next group whom haven’t noticed them as they wander the room. But that’s not very Christmassy. Sure, you could dress them as an elf but we prefer the idea of the Chillusionist, a costume put together in a bespoke manner for each event. Sure to get the crowds talking, they’re also great for a photo opportunity.


 Although they’re known as Snowbelles, this stilt duo are available all year round as the Glitter Belles, recently having helped to promote a retailer in central London, their sparkle and surprise proving to be a hit with passersby and punters alike. Having said that, they are more likely to be seen at Christmas events, entertaining as a meet and greet acts or ripping up the dance floor as they sprinkle glitter all around. The costumes also feature LEDs to create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress. A slice of Christmas cool indeed. (Other stilt styles available include Candy Canes and Crystal Queens).

Snow Globe

 Cooler than a penguin in an Arctic ice lolly factory, the Snow Globe is sure to entrance a large audience, no matter where it is situated in your venue. Utilising two acrobats and a series of gorgeous routines, the Snow Globe captures a true Christmas spirit that is hard to deny. Even the grumpiest Scrooge in the building will struggle not to smile at this festive circus display in the centre (or the side) of the room.


 Three Christmas presents that will brighten up your venue. What more could you want? Well, what if the presents sprouted legs, hand out small gifts and get into all sorts of trouble and skirmishes as their competitive nature comes to fruition? A festive treat that has to be seen to be believed, this splendidly visual act can enhance any event at a low cost. A fun and entertaining way to get the room talking!

Ski Blizzard

 Photobooths are always great fun and offer up the opportunity to attempt to convince your friends that you’ve been whisked to Lapland rather than Lambeth, but if you’re looking for something even more spectacular this Christmas, we can offer you a fantastic Ski Blizzard experience in the centre of your Christmas party! A ski simulator inside an inflatable dome, four people can compete to see who reigns supreme on the virtual slopes.

Bjorn the Polar Bear

 Why have soft toys or a character when Frozen when you can have your very own polar bear at your party? Yes, Bjorn the Polar Bear exists to put all other Christmas parties to shame. Coming complete with blinking eyes, a sniffing nose, moving mouth and realistic sounds, Bjorn is a fully animatronic puppet that even comes with his own inflatable iceberg environment. Helpful Inuit Ursula is also in attendance to educate and encourage audience interaction. Grab a coke and pose for a unique Christmas party photo!

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By Henry Fosdike