5 Ways to Brand Entertainment

August 08, 2013

The way we talk about entertainment on this blog, you’d think it was the main point of our events, but having worked in the event industry for over 20 year, we know how important it is to remember the ‘corporate’ part of any corporate event.

Clients often ask us how they can incorporate their logos and branding into their event entertainment in unique and innovative ways and being well versed in things both unique and innovative, we’re always happy to answer.

 Colour Scheme Costumes

Don’t get too hung up on looks, at least not at first anyways. If you see an act that sounds amazing but just doesn’t look right, remember that most performers are happy to do their show in a costume that better suits your event. It’s always helpful to let an entertainment agency know any colour schemes and motifs from the event so they can be incorporated into the entertainment. This works particularly well with ambient strolling and circus acts, effectively turning them into living decoration for the event.  

 Sing Your Brand’s Praises

Your brand isn’t just your logo and your company colours; it’s everything from your name to your slogans right down to the way you talk about your company or your product. So when you’re branding a musical act it’s not just about handing them a few branded T-shirts and letting them do their normal set. Picking out some songs that relate to the event is a fun way to make the entertainment speak to the theme of the evening. If you fancy taking that further, acts like Wandering Hands have been known to change the words to a few songs to make them more appropriate to certain clients – tongues firmly placed in cheeks, naturally.

 Advertising Inspiration

If a company has a strong advertising presence that features memorable mascots, music or visuals it’ a great idea to incorporate those ideas into an event. It may seem small, but guests always notice when there’s some degree of cohesiveness between a company’s advertising presence and their live events. In the past we’ve included everything from jingles to animal mascots as part of a program of entertainment, but it’s often subtler than that – taking not of the way a company presents itself in their advertising materials and using entertainment to create a similar tone at an event.  

 Branded Keepsakes

We often talk about letting guests take something away with them at the end of an evening - caricaturists, silhouette artists and origami artists are great for this – but it’s possible to add an extra touch to make your event even more memorable. By incorporating branding into things like Digital Caricatures or allowing guests to play around with logos on a digital surface, you’ll automatically increase your event staying with people long after it’s finished.

 Your Name in Lights

Everyone dreams of seeing their name in lights and that goes for companies as well as people. But simply splashing your logo all over an event isn’t enough to get it noticed. To really capture guests’ attentions, you need something more creative. Recent developments in LED technology have let acts like pixel poi jugglers Feeding The Fish and LED Cyclists do some astonishing things with logos and programmable light shows – like for instance having custom built bicycles with your logos programmed to appear on the wheels as the cyclists whizz round the event.

For more information on incorporating brands into entertainment – head over to our contact page and get in touch.