5 Ways Entertainment Can Enhance a Pop-Up Event

August 19, 2015

Pop-ups are big business these days. Only recently, Jurassic World took over London Waterloo train station, with commuters greeted by four velociraptors, a whole host of posters and even a Jurassic World hut. Brands love them because there’s a huge opportunity to reach audiences throughout an entire day, whilst the public love them because anything that’s free or fun is something that needs to be spoken about - #hellosocialmedia. But how can entertainment enhance a pop up event?

Enforce Engagement

Something that has proven popular with our very own Bjorn the Polar Bear is providing an Inuit accompaniment to talk about life in the Arctic. At Jurassic World, ‘park rangers’ aided in taking photos for the public and promoting the film. A pop up event is nothing if people don’t know about it, so actors can really help get the word out about your pop up event, especially in the opening stages.

Draw People In

“Is that—Is that a band?” Why yes it is. Come on over and see what all the fuss is about! Apple host an annual free festival every year in London, with the first few headliners announced today. Since they are the richest company in the world, it’s unlikely that your event will be able to match the entertainment they are providing but the same principle applies. Various fans of 1 Direction have been tweeting about the pop-up announcement today and by picking the right type of entertainment, you can hope to have a few photos and videos shared online too. It’s all about picking the right act. Some dance acts can even promote your brand during their performance!

Engage the Audience

Another way that your pop-up can succeed, is by engaging on a more personal level. In entertainment terms, a magician is perfect for this because if one member of the public whoops with amazement, there’s bound to be someone else nearby just waiting to see what all the fuss is about. This is a tried and tested technique with various brands – if you’re a bank, there’s no finer way to show money multiplying from nowhere! An alternative approach is to go even more low-key. Very few people have ever seen a silhouette artist before and their skills are truly impressive.

Provide a Free Memento

No matter what entertainment you have on offer, the main reason people will stop in at a pop-up is for a freebie. Although a business or brand could see this as a loss, it’s actually very clever. Leaving a pop-up stall with a Stella Artois glass, Coca Cola or a Mr Tom Peanut bar (all seen at London Waterloo recently), you’re literally advertising the brand as you walk. If it’s built to last or a personal creation for you – a balloon animal for instance – you will think about the pop-up and the brand each time you stare at the item in your room. Clever.

Make It Interactive

People love being allowed to play and act differently to how they normally would. Be it using graffiti on a wall or utilising incredible new technology like the Mash Machine, entertainment can be perfect to promote a product or brand at a pop up and again promote a company as being a fun business that people are happy to be associated with. In the case of the Mash Machine, you get the added bonus of allowing users to take away part of the ‘instrument’ with them. Another example of the brilliance of pop up entertainment!

Pop ups are very much the ‘in’ thing right now and if you’re looking for help in getting yours up and running, just get in touch! We specialise in entertainment for a reason. Because we know what you need to impress.


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By Henry Fosdike