5 Tips for Unique Wedding Entertainment

June 08, 2015

Organising a wedding can seem daunting. After all, nobody wants their big day to be seen by everybody else as ‘average’. No, yours has to be the perfect wedding and quite right to. But how on earth do you achieve such a thing? Well, there are a few basic necessities to a wedding but after they’re all sorted, it’s up to you. So here are 5 unique ideas that may just garner your interest.

Lawn Entertainment

 Oh boy, is this a good idea. If you’re indulging in a summer wedding in the grounds of a fabulous location, why not indulge in some lawn entertainment to keep guests entertained during the reception? Or indeed, at various other points of the day because when Uncle Stuart spots the unique spectacle of Giant Jenga, there’ll be no stopping him. Lawn bowls, giant chess, giant connect 4 (watch out for that sneaky line across the bottom); all are guaranteed to entertain across the ages.

Food Tricycles

 Another idea that is perfect for an al fresco wedding in the sun, food tricycles provide a quaint, vintage feel, as well as a dash of colour to proceedings. The beauty of providing this treat for wedding guests is the sheer variety available. Cheese, waffles, smoothies, candy floss... You name it and they’ll provide it. For a summer theme, we rather like the choice of ice cream or Pimm’s. For winter, why not a snow cone?


 Let’s be honest, there will be loads of photos taken on your wedding day. Your friends will take some, your family will take some and yes, that plus one you’ve never met before will probably take a few as well. But how many people have a caricaturist on their big day, drawing your guests with a panache which you can only dream of? Available in a variety of styles, caricaturists will provide a unique insight to your big day for those who were unable to attend.


 Increasingly popular these days, having a magician on your wedding day is a great way for attendees who have never met before to break the ice with one another. Indeed you could say that it's magic. Ahem. Err... Perfect for the quieter moments of your wedding such as the drinks reception or in the evening when new guests will be wanting to integrate, a magician can be a wonderful talking point before the music starts. Just how do they do it?

Vintage Dance

 This one can go hand in hand with a superb vintage band and is sure to get the entire hall dancing (or marquee or indeed, any other venue in which you happen to be holding your reception). Acts like The Twin Swing provide passion and exuberance in equal measure, performing a mesmerising showpiece before getting involved and allowing guests of all ages to learn a few dance steps to aid in celebrating your wedding day.

Naturally all of these choices can work hand-in-hand with a more traditional choice as well. As Morrissey once put it, “That’s entertainment...”




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By Henry Fosdike