5 Things to Look for in a Motivational Speaker

July 31, 2018

When it comes to booking a motivational speaker, you need to consider a number of different things. What are you wanting them to talk about, what has been their history up until now, will they be listened to by your team? There are also some other attributes that every good motivational speaker should have. Here we run through five!


It’s vitally important for your speaker to be articulate because how else will the message get through? Naturally it’s completely fine for a speaker to not speak in the Queen’s English – this is the 21st century after all – but they need to be understandable to everybody, even those sat at the back of the room! It’s no use booking a speaker who mumbles so make sure to book somebody who has experience and knows how to project!


Perhaps the most important attribute any motivational speaker can have is passion. If you book a speaker who is passionate then half of the job is done for you because their passion will shine through in the way they talk to the room. Every speech is improved by a passionate talker and it means that you are almost guaranteed to have everybody actually listening to the key messages because they are such an exciting speaker. Wonderful!


Nobody wants to sit and listen to a speaker who is boring; it will completely deflate the room and ensure that every few seconds someone who is meant to be paying attention will instead be looking at their watch or ‘slyly’ having a quick flick through their phone. By booking a motivational speaker who imbues his speech with a bit of comedy, not only are you guaranteed to laugh but the spirit of everyone in attendance is sure to be improved and the motivational message is more likely to get through!


It goes without saying that your motivational speaker has to be charismatic in order for your team to pay attention to what is being said. Charisma is one of those attributes that can’t really be taught – you either have it or you don’t – and a charismatic personality is sure to capture the room with their ideas and inspiring anecdotes ensuring that their message will be remembered long into the future. A true must have when it comes to booking a speaker.


The final attribute that we suggest looking for in a speaker is somebody who is amiable and happy to listen to your requests during the organisation process as it really helps once the event begins! A speaker who is friendly and happy to listen to your requirements will ensure that they deliver a motivational message that is on brand and sure to impress. It’s also just a lot easier to deal with somebody who is nice, isn’t it?

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By Henry Fosdike