5 Spellbinding Event Entertainment Acts

January 19, 2016


We love diverse entertainment or things we’ve never seen before. Being an entertainment provider for corporate events and private parties, we’ve seen most things but every so often, we are left spellbound by something completely unique that either combines two entertainment genres or is something nobody else has ever put on. You may be aware of some of these acts, whilst others might surprise you, but rest assured that all five are great ideas for events. More of these kind of acts please!


 A roue cyr artist is gorgeous to watch. They climb aboard what appears to be a huge hula hoop and perform an acrobatic array of circus skills as they spin 360 degrees over and over and over again. Sometimes watching a spinning wheel act can make you feel dizzy but not so with the roue cyr (though we imagine the artist might disagree). The exciting thing about Alula though is that you don’t just get one roue cyr performer, you get three! We saw Alula at Polymer for the first time and were flawed by the act as this review shows. A unique wedding idea or beautiful entertainment for a private party, this circus act is sure to impress!


 Now you might be reading this and thinking ‘a unicyclist? I’ve seen one of those before…’ but unicyclists are incredible entertainment! In an audition last year, we had a unicyclist perform a waiter routine that had us in fits of laughter! A brilliant comedy act for a dinner! What’s more, aside from being ridiculously talented and able to juggle or create balloon animals at the same time, a few unicyclists are also able to perform with someone on their shoulders as well! At a recent private event at the Corinthia Hotel, we had a superhooper perform astride the shoulders of Sam to great effect and to be honest, that’s exactly what you want from entertainment… An amazing act that can be combined with something else to create something incredible.


Another act from the realm of circus entertainment, we discovered Ulrike through the wonders of Instagram! Who discovered her through us? None other than TFI Friday! Now, if it’s good enough for Chris Evans and Channel 4 then it should be good enough for you too, but what is the act? Well, imagine you can juggle but you find juggling just a little bit too easy (ha!) The next step is to juggle with your feet. Wait, what? Yes, really. This is a foot juggling act, which can be booked as a mesmerising short stage show. We guarantee nobody at your corporate event will have seen this live before! Unless Chris Evans is there. Completely unique entertainment for events, Ulrike the foot juggler is a must see!

Light Dancers

Elegant and beautiful, Light Dancers are a relaxing form of entertainment that are perfect for corporate dinners and private events. When we first saw them a number of years ago, we were struck by how wonderfully they can light up an event and are a stunning addition to photographs. Some forms of entertainment are perfect at showcasing your business and making people sit up; Light Dancers are the perfect example! Performing a somewhat ethereal and magical display, they’ll be sure to wow your party guests.


Ooh, now this really will make your jaw drop! Supernova appeared on the final of BBC One’s The Apprentice just last month and visited our offices a few weeks before! Also performing at the Event Awards in 2015, you can rest easy knowing that your entertainment act is really impressing those in the industry! Able to perform a fantastic dance display for your corporate event with hundreds of LEDs, they can also incorporate your company logo or brand in lights as they complete their routine! Did someone say product launch?! A highly entertaining addition to the events industry, they are like a cross between Daft Punk and Diversity, but are better than both! (Well, we think so anyway…)

We are always on the lookout for more interesting and exciting entertainment acts for events and weddings, so if you have seen something you loved or perform in a unique act yourself then get in touch. Also, there are ten more fab acts for 2016 here!




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By Henry Fosdike