5 Roaming Bands for your Wedding

October 23, 2019

Brothers and Sons - Acoustic strolling Band

There is no doubt about it, roaming acts are all the rage when it comes to weddings. Absolutely perfect for both indoor and out (thought we might have to wait on the latter again until 2019), they bring the music to your guests and always ensure an outstanding atmosphere. So which roaming bands do we recommend for a wedding? These ones of course!

Wandering Hands

 Perhaps the most popular live entertainment act in the wedding industry for the past three, four or maybe even five years, Wandering Hands bring together a saxophonist and two guitarists as they bring a walking jukebox of options to your event. Having been flown out to weddings and events all over the world, there is no end to their popularity and the rotating trio of performers will always bring a smile to your guests with their version of top pop and rock classics and maybe even a rap song as well!

Brothers & Sons

 Brothers & Sons are a wonderfully dynamic 3-6 piece acoustic roaming band that are so good they are even sponsored by fashion guru Mark Darcy! Dapper gents in every sense, they are fully international and perform all over the world. A truly high-end option for your big day, they are guaranteed to have guests singing along to tunes from the 1950s through to the present day. Highly recommended.

Herringbone Cocktail Club

 Revolutionising the entertainment events industry, Herringbone Cocktail Club provide medleys of songs that guests can select from a cocktail menu. The only roaming amplified band that we are aware of (who provide all their own mics), the four-piece are completely wireless and have even created illustrations to show how the band work (see top of the page). Able to mingle with guests as well as perform on stage, this is live music at its very best and is perfect for a wedding.

She Wants To Move

 A fabulous wedding act, She Wants To Move comprise of a saxophonist, acoustic guitarist and a vocalist who provide renditions of top pop songs for guests to enjoy and sing along to. In fact, singing along is often the name of the game as you’ll be so caught up in the moment that you cannot help but belt out the chorus with the band. An all-female trio, the wander women sports a rotating line-up and have recently performed live at the Cutty Sark, Zedel and at the opening of the prestigious Home House Home Grown Entrepreneurs Club.

Ze Trio

 If you are looking to book a busker or busking act, Ze Trio might well be the best option you could possibly go for. Comprising an accordion, a guitar and a violin (or is it a fiddle? – hey, you’ll have to book them to find out!), they are a huge amount of fun and you are never sure exactly what tracks they will play. Sometimes playing to groups of people or perhaps singling out one (un?)fortunate individual to serenade, Ze Trio will bring laughs, fabulous music and evocative memories each and every time.




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By Henry Fosdike