5 Reasons a Photo Booth is a Must Have at your Wedding

January 11, 2017

If you’ve been to a number of weddings over the past few years then you are sure to have ran into a photo booth whilst attending at least one of them. They become more and more popular with each passing year and if anything, their popularity is only increasing. But why have a photo booth at your wedding? What makes it a must have? What are the benefits of having one? Here are 5 reasons why you should have one.

They’re Great Fun

It seems like an obvious thing to state when hiring entertainment – all of it is fun! – but a photo booth will give you more ‘bang for your buck’ then many other forms of entertainment through the sheer amount of fun and laughter you’ll hear coming from the booth over the course of your wedding evening. It’s not a singular activity and people tend to visit the booth in large groups for a photo. Upon seeing the props available for their snap, even the most camera shy love to get involved as you take your four photos. And that fun and laughter we mentioned? It keeps other people at your wedding interested in the booth as well.

The Guest Book

Perhaps the main reason to have a photo booth at your wedding is for the guest book that comes with it. Once your wedding is over and upon return from your honeymoon, you’ll finally be able to have a look through your photo booth guest book and take in the photos. If pressed to write a message, many guests might struggle to know what to say but when delivered in the form of a photo that can be captioned, you’ll find some truly lovely thoughts from your nearest and dearest. Friends and family alike will have contribute to a unique wedding gift that you can treasure for the rest of your lives.

The Wedding Photographer Can’t Photo Everyone

A great reason to hire a photo booth for an evening and one of the main points as to why it’s a must have at your wedding is because your wedding photographer simply can’t photograph everybody in attendance. Some don’t like to be photographed for whatever reason whilst others might just keep missing the photographer as they come round. With a photo booth though, you can rest assured that you’ll have at least one snap of your guests to enjoy. Sure, they’ll probably be sporting ridiculous fluorescent glasses or have a random bowling pin in their hand, but at least you’ll have a photo!

It’s Somewhat Fascinating to See…

When it’s finally time for your photo booth guest boo to be laid out on the table, you’ll realise a certain charm to proceedings. Although we said that most guests will head to the booth in groups, there are some moments during your wedding where it will be a tad quieter for whatever reason. It is in these moments that your booth really shines for you get to see what friends and family – some whom you never thought capable of creativity – got up to when they were by themselves. Whether it be your grandma in a pink wig and shades or your grumpy Uncle holding up a caption card, you’ll see those in your life like you’ve never seen them before! Weddings really do create wonderful moments, which leads us on to our final point…


Perhaps the number one reason for having a photo booth at your wedding (and in fact, the number one reason for doing anything at all in life) is the memories that it creates. Not only do guests create photos for your guest book but they receive a strip of their photos as well. They could even send a digital copy to their email address if they so desire. So many people will see these photos over the next few years and so many people will ask questions as to where it was taken. Your wedding will live long in the memory thanks to just a few photos taken at a photo booth. They really are a wonderful addition to your wedding day.

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By Henry Fosdike