5 Podcasts to Listen to on your Commute

September 12, 2017

If you’re unfortunate to live more than half an hour from work (and let’s face it, most of do), then it’s fair to assume you’ve been listening to podcasts for a while. There are a whole host of different types to suit any listener and the ones below are ones that we have personally enjoyed. So whether interested in sport, comedy or just random rambling, here are some podcasts that you might just find fascinating to listen to on your commute.


One of the most successful podcasts going, Radiolab is released every week or so and covers fascinating scientific topics in an easy to understand manner. Having been produced by WNYC public radio in New York City since 2002, it has a keen fan base and attempts to approach broad, difficult topics like ‘time’ or ‘morality’ across roughly sixty minutes each episode. Light-hearted and often sure to make you gasp, it’s a must listen!

If you like Radiolab: Why not listen to This American Life? Essentially a documentary series that covers fascinating real-life stories, you might find yourself marvelling at the way a DIY lawyer got his friend off a murder conviction after 21 years or perhaps experiencing the stress of selling cars in order to get a monthly bonus. Well worth a listen on your commute.


Who doesn’t love true crime series? Easily one of the most popular genres going, true crime has exploded in recent years thanks to the success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer, HBO’s The Jynx and Serial, perhaps the most famous podcast of them all (and if you haven’t listened to Serial, perhaps put that to the top of your list). Criminal is part of the Radiotopia network and tells ‘stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.’ Each episode focuses on a different case so it’s whether it’s fraud, murder or squatting, there’s also something to keep you entertained. Episodes rarely last longer than half an hour so it’s perfect commute length!

If you like Criminal: Why not listen to Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder? A series that is similar in style to Serial, it looks at the Daniel Morgan murder in 1987, a case that involves corruption in the Metropolitan Police and how Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers are partly responsible for the outcome of the various investigations over the years. Fascinating and depressing in equal measure.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

If you like history programmes then Dan Carlin is definitely your man. An amateur historian, he first started putting out 20 minute programmes of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History a number of years ago but such is his commitment to telling history accurately, his episodes now only limp out every three or four months. We are not complaining though because they tend to clock in at about six hours! Covering all periods of history, Dan really is the man to teach you about the past. Recent episodes include The Celtic Holocaust, about Julius Caesar conquering Gaul, and The Destroyer of Worlds, a look into humans and their weaponry. You certainly can’t daydream your way through this one.

If you like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: Why not listen to You Must Remember This? ‘A podcast about the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood’s first century.’ The many loves of Howard Hughes, Charles Manson’s Hollywood… If you’re a film fan, you’d be mad to let it pass you by.

Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?

Football fans, gather round because if comedy and soccer are your thing then say no more. Top comedian Josh Widdicombe – who you can book for your event! – and a couple of his friends get together every week and interview a top 90s footballer about their experiences playing the game. Guests in the first series of Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? included Matt Le Tissier and Paul Merson, whilst regular features include finding out what 90s stars are up to now (before the big money rolled into the game) and listeners sharing their experience of meeting a top 90s player. Yes, it’s all focused on the 1990s when the Premier League was definitely at its most fun period. Listen, laugh and enjoy.

If you like Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?: Why not listen to Fantasy Football Scout? Naturally it’s only worth a listen if you’ve picked a Fantasy Premier League time – as more and more people are doing – but each week, Fantasy Football tipsters offer advice on good signings and who to avoid over the next few fixtures. Entertaining and delightfully geeky.

Kurt Vonneguys

We were listening and reading along to this podcast for a very long time but unfortunately we (I) are (am) not (a) very fast readers (reader) so we’ve missed the last few! If you like sci-fi and Kurt Vonnegut then is the dream podcast for you because two folks from the popular Cracked website discuss one of his books and analyse it to the nth degree in an absolutely hilarious way. There was nobody quite like Kurt Vonnegut and the Kurt Vonneguys seems to the defining analysis of his brilliant books.

If you like Kurt Vonneguys: Why not try My Dad Wrote a Porno? The only reason that we haven’t put ‘My Dad…’ as one of our top recommendations is simply because we assume you’ll have already heard it. The premise revolves around one man discovering that his dad was attempting to cash in on the success of 50 Shades of Grey by writing some erotica and publishing it on Amazon. Naturally the only therapy one can use to get through this is to read a chapter to your friends each and every week and mock it as much as possible. Hilarious and certainly deserving of its status a top the iTunes charts. 



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By Henry Fosdike