5 Pieces of Vintage Entertainment for Your Event

September 17, 2015

Tuesday was what would have been the 125th birthday of Agatha Christie. As we all know, she has unfortunately not quite managed to live to 125 years old, but to celebrate the birth of the creator of Hercule Poirot and The Mousetrap, which is still going strong on the West End after 60+ years, we thought we’d pull together a few vintage acts to get you pondering a vintage party theme!

The Blind Tigers

 Upon entering what is no doubt a sumptuous English country mansion (and there are more than a few to choose from), the first act that will bring you beautifully into the vintage theme are The Blind Tigers, a trio that call to mind the glory days of jazz. As you whisk a Champagne flute from a passing tray and sample a posh canapé, these superb musicians will perfectly set the tone with some vintage-style background music at your event.


 As you pass into the next room – perhaps even a private dinner – Ian can be there to greet guests with his unique vintage vaudeville entertainment. Calling to mind the many talented circus performers and silent comedians of the past, Ian can juggle, spin plates and use an assortment of items including tablecloths, hats and crockery, which will have you convinced you’ve stepped back in time. A vintage performer who can perform for up to thirty minutes at a time, you and your guests are sure to be impressed!


 Who better to work the tables than a charismatic and charming magician? Gareth is known for his witty repartee and abundance of magic tricks to stun and amaze. Be it a signed and folded card appearing in his mouth or correctly mindreading colours that a guest has picked on a cube (you’ll just have to trust us when we tell you it’s impressive), Gareth can do it all. Oh and be sure to hand him a fork before he’s gone. Uri Geller eat your heart out, Gareth is a vintage entertainment act that will fit perfectly with your party theme.

Corelli/The Balanas Sisters

 Yes, there’s always room for classical music at a vintage themed event and who better than Corelli or the Balanas Sisters to impress? Both are classically trained acts and it simply comes down to whether you’d prefer a quartet or a duo. Spectacular music in a stunning setting, what could be better? Agatha Christie certainly enjoyed fine music and there’s nothing better than strings in a great hall.

The Spitfire Sisters

 Calling to mind the fantastic close harmony trios of the 30s and 40, the Spitfire Sisters hail from the South Coast and are internationally renowned either performing as a three-piece or with a swinging six-piece band! Providing the perfect soundtrack to your event, these ladies have stunned audiences at various stately homes since forming in 2013, even working with The National Trust!

Of course, there are numerous acts that are perfect for an Agatha Christie or vintage theme (Great Gatsby is also a much-loved theme) so feel free to take a look around the website and see what takes your fancy!  



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By Henry Fosdike