The 5 Most Popular Circus Acts

February 24, 2020

If you are wanting to book a circus act for you event, you might be wondering what the most popular options are. No problem! We’ve listed the top five that you might like to consider for your event!


 Superhoopers are an excellent circus option for events where you want something to impress but may not have too much space. These incredible performers have an amazing skill for the hula hoop and can spin and twirl with multiple props that are guaranteed to amaze. The hoops can be imbued with LEDs if required and are sure to cause a stir amongst guests.


 Jugglers are perhaps the most traditional of all circus entertainment with its history dating all the way back to the 11th century. Yes for around 1000 years, people have been entertained by jugglers and their unique ability in manipulating the objects that they hold. Booking a juggler is an excellent choice if you are looking to book circus performers that you wish to stroll about your venue!


 Acrochaps are a trio of circus strongmen that are loved everywhere they go. The official term of what they offer is ‘acrobalance’ and they have to be seen to be believed! Their humour is second to none, their vintage costumes and moustaches enhance their ‘gentlemen’ image and they are the perfect blend of comedy and circus performance. Highly recommended.

Aerial Silk Artist

 There is perhaps nothing quite as graceful as an aerial silk artist, which makes them highly popular for corporate events. Event planners love the way that they cascade from the ceiling, moving within the silk in a way that is absolutely mesmerising. Perfect for awards ceremonies as well as a host of corporate functions, aerial silk artists celebrate the splendour of circus like no other act.

Sphere Contortion

 If you are wishing to book a headline circus performance for your event, you need look no further than Sphere Contortion, an act that sees our performer contort her body into various positions a top a moving mirror ball. Sphere Contortion really has to be seen to be believed and has proven popular at numerous venues including Banqueting House.

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By Henry Fosdike