5 More Sports Themed Entertainment Ideas

July 27, 2012

Lest anyone think - in the wake of our Top 5 Sports Themed Entertainment Ideas –that we only have 5 ideas for Sports Entertainment at Corporate Events, we’re following up that list with another 5 ideas to bring sports into your event entertainment. So without further ado, and by ‘ado’ I obviously mean rambling overlong blog introduction, here are our 5 More Sports Themed Entertainment Ideas.


While it’s not as much a part of our nation’s sporting landscape as it is in the US, Cheerleading is still a universally recognisable act that’s become as much a part of American sports as shoulder pads, helmets and all those other bits of safety equipment that British Sportsfolk are too strong and fearless for. Except Cricketers. A light-hearted, fun way to welcome guests into an event or a high energy show in its own right.

 Live Commentary

While it’s more than possible to hire in a big name sportscaster as a speaker for a corporate event, we’re thinking of something altogether sillier. For an event at Harrods a few years ago , we provided a pair of actors playing horse racing commentators who took position at the top of the escalators and excitedly described the movements of guests as they made their way into the store for their annual sale. It’s a great idea and one that we’re itching to try again.

 National Anthems

An integral part of any high profile sporting event, the National Anthems of respective nations are an emotional high-point for fans and athletes alike. If you’re looking to bring the stirring feeling of the singing of the national anthems to your event, our Choir ‘Corporate Voices’ can perform a wide range of music, not just various national anthems. A nice way to make overseas visitors feel welcome or even just a way to make any especially patriotic guests well up a little bit.



Though we featured a Tennis themed act in our last Top 5 post, it’s almost a crime that we omitted this unbelievable juggling act who toss tennis racquets and balls between members of the troupe to create a stunning, innovative and playful stage show that’s sure to [*INSERT TENNIS PUN*] A fun and extremely timely twist on the typical juggling show.

 BMX Show

While Cycling is certainly exciting and one of the sports that the GB team have traditionally done rather well in, turning your event into a velodrome isn’t the best way to bring bikes into an event – having a team of morph suited pedal pushers whizzing in circles around guests might be a little disorientating. Instead, our thrill seeking team of BMX world champions can put on a stunt filled show that’s completely be-spoke... Eh he. (Apologies for the Tyresome pun)

For more ideas to bring a sporting theme into your event entertainment, take a look at our previous Sports Themed Top 5 our get in touch through our contact page.