5 Magic and Mentalism Options for your Event - Magic Month

January 06, 2020

Welcome to magic month! Yes, we are looking to have a few themed months this year and our blog posts will reflect that. As we welcome in the magic of a new year (oh come on, it sort of works), we felt that it would only be right to show a few different magic and mentalism options that you can book for your event.

Strolling Magician

When most clients think about booking a magician, they tend to be looking to book a strolling magician. This is the sort of magician you tend to see meandering through small groups of people at a corporate event or private party, perhaps performing for ten or so minutes to a few guests and then moving on to amaze the next cluster of people. They ‘table hop’ at weddings and always draw a crowd. Perfect for breaking the ice, we only use the most reliable and charismatic of magicians for your events.

Stage Magician

 As the name suggests, a stage magician is best booked when you are organising a dinner or awards show where all guests will be focusing on a stage. Think of it like your own personal theatre show for the evening. Many strolling magicians can offer a stage show that seeks to include everybody in the event and they will ordinarily be hoping to pick a couple of volunteers as well (at a corporate event, the CEO is an excellent choice). Generally running from 10 minutes to an hour, a stage magician is an excellent ‘headline’ choice.


 If you love Derren Brown then it’s probably a mentalist that you would most like to book. Often described as being ‘mind readers’ or ‘psychics’, our performers will somehow know the name of your first pet or be able to tell you a word that you have chosen at random from pretty much any book. We have absolutely no idea how they do their magic but audiences absolutely love it and a mentalist can be booked for both strolling and stage. Chris Cox has recently been performing his sensational act on Broadway and can be booked for your event!

Themed Magician

 What is a themed magician? These are the magicians that you can book for an event with a particular theme. Many of our magicians are more than happy to dress up in costume if required but only a select few are ready ‘off the shelf’. One of these is our incredible Jedi Magician, a performer who will really impress with his Star Wars knowledge as he ‘uses the force’, whilst another is the Chillusionist, a Jack Frost-style option for winter events. The latter is a huge hit every Christmas!


 The icebreaker is perhaps the only type of magician here that refers to only one performer (that we know about!) Leigh the Icebreaker was a strolling magician until he realised that he had an uncanny ability to be able to memorise everybody’s name at an event as well as a select few details about each person. Using this ability, he is perfect for networking events (“Jessica over there is looking for a job in IT and you’re offering one!”) or for those looking to meet people (“David is also a huge fan of DnD! Go and speak to him…”) A one of a kind, book Leigh if you want to get people talking at your event.

This list provides just a few of the magic and mentalism options for your event. Most of the magicians will fit into one of these categories but if you are looking for something else then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below and we will be sure to help!




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By Henry Fosdike