5 Great Cocktail Recipes To Accompany Your Party Entertainment

September 02, 2015

Naturally you are on this website to enjoy the delights of party entertainment hire. Need to hire a pianist for a party? Great. How about looking to hire an acrobat for a party? Again, great. But what about an accompaniment to go with your entertainment? How about a cocktail? If Bond is your theme of choice then obviously you’d have to go for a Martini. If you’re walking around with a dressing gown and bowling, then a White Russian is your friend. But what other entertainment-based cocktails are there? You could hire a cocktail maker and find out but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Savoy Royale

Served: Straight up; without ice

Standard drinkware: Champagne glass

Ingredients: ½ peach, 2 strawberries, teaspoon of sugar.

Preparation: Liquidise, strain into a champagne glass and fill with champagne.

This cocktail was invented by Joe Gilmore, a cocktail maestro at the Savoy Hotel’s American Bar. As the name suggests, it was invented for HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on one of her private visits to the hotel. No doubt she took in a sumptuous entertainment residency and washed the cocktail down with a pint afterwards, a photo opportunity that her daughter copies here. Well, maybe. One thing is sure when you taste this cocktail though; the Queen Mother knew how to party!


Served: Straight up; without ice

Standard drinkware: Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 1 part fresh grapefruit juice; 1 part Grand Marnier; 2 dashes rose water

Preparation: Shake well, strain into wine glass and top up with champagne.

The perfect cocktail for a party because let’s be honest, this one just makes you think about unleashing your inner Michael Jackson as you hit the dance floor. Another creative cocktail from the mind of Joe Gilmore, this cocktail wasn’t created to celebrate Thriller but was actually created in 1969 to mark the first moon landing. Incredibly, the Moonwalk cocktail was the first drink the American astronauts had when they returned to Earth because evidently alcohol is the first thing one requires having been shot out into Earth’s orbit. We’d have loved to have been party to that decision. “We could give them water General, but we’ve hired a cocktail maestro instead...”

My Fair Lady

Served: Straight up; without ice

Standard drinkware: Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 1 part gin; 1 part lemon juice; 1 part orange juice; 1 part Sirop de Fraise/Strawberry Syrup; 1 dash of egg white.

Preparation: Shake ingredients together with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

We love musicals. At the Natural History Museum, we’ve laid on Phantom of the Opera for a corporate party and also a Mary Poppins/London experience (feel free to try and spot Eliza Doolittle!). If you hire a such a marvellous venue, it’s fair to say you’ll want to hire the right entertainment to go with it and what of the drinks as well? Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a cocktail to celebrate your West End-inspired party? Do not worry for Joe Gilmore is once again here to offer up his expertise. Created to mark Julie Andrews’ first performance in My Fair Lady, this cocktail goes down smoothly and solves any and all speech problems without the need for Henry Higgins.*

* - Not guaranteed. You may as well just hire a speaker.


Served: Straight up, without ice

Standard drinkware: Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 4 parts gin; 1 part Maraschino; 1 part orange bitters; 1 part fresh lemon juice. Lemon twist and maraschino cherry provide the garnish.

Preparation: Shake ingredients together with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish and serve without a straw.

If you’ve got a James Bond party or private casino night, you’ll want to get something a little more advanced than the secret agent’s ‘shaken, not stirred’ Martini. Once you’ve hired your casino table (and hired a croupier to go with it), accompany the evening with a Casino cocktail. Incredibly this is the first entertainment cocktail on the list not created by Joe Gilmore and also the first that is an IBA Official Cocktail, implying that most bartenders will know how to make it. Perfect.


Served: Stirred

Standard drinkware: Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 6 parts gin; 1 part dry vermouth. A pickled onion provides the garnish.

Preparation: Stir well in a shaker with ice and straing into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish and serve.

Calling to mind the famous Gibson guitar, this entertainment cocktail is actually synonymous with popular culture. Cary Grant orders a Gibson at the party he attends in North by Northwest and it’s also been namedropped in All About Eve, Mad Men and American Dad! So yes, this is definitely the entertainment cocktail of choice if TV and film is your thing. Sure to make any party that little bit classier, hire a maestro and sip on a Gibson to make you feel like you’re rubbing shoulders with Don Draper. Marvellous.

At Sternberg Clarke, we wish for you to enjoy your part and entertainment cocktails so please hire a professional to ensure that your drinks are just right. Oh and remember to drink responsibly.




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By Henry Fosdike