5 Garden Party Entertainment Ideas

July 15, 2019

Garden party entertainment is a must once the sun starts shining on your backyard bash and we have a host of excellent options to consider from a multitude of genres. A word of warning: You might need a little bit of space to house all of these acts but we guarantee that if you book them, you can be sure of enjoying a wonderful time.


Nothing gets guests talking more than magic and it also serves as a wonderful ice breaker. Duncan is a magician that can not only work with cards, coins and other props but can also deliver with digital magic, perhaps leaving guests with a physical reminder of your day. Inventing his own tech ideas, he is a true force of innovation within the magic world!

The B-Side Project

If you are wanting to dance the night away with a band that are sure to impress, The B-Side Project might be just who you are after! Playing the songs you love but which many bands don’t play, you can expect many cries of “Oh I love this one!” throughout the evening. A really fab option for any garden party this summer.


Beringela are a truly superb summer band that play the finest Brazilian background music. Adept at offering soundscapes and mood music that will keep everybody relaxed, they are an excellent option for both indoors and out, and are sure to provide a great soundtrack as everybody enjoys their drink as the sun sets. From cocktails to a gin and tonic, their sound goes with pretty much anything.


circus offering that is sure to impress at your garden party, Symoné not only roller skates in style but can also show off her hula hoop skills at the same time! If you are the sort of party host who is looking to bring a lively atmosphere to your big day, this might be just the act to get people talking.

Staged Photography

A photo booth is a hugely popular addition to any modern event but what if you want to take it one step further? That is where Staged Photography comes in! Creating an immersive backdrop for your party, the group also provide a professional photographer and props to create snaps that are guaranteed to live long in the memory.

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By Henry Fosdike