5 Favourite Moments from Would I Lie To You?

October 30, 2018

We love Would I Lie To You? The perfect blend of comedy, lies and laughter. What could be better? The storytelling is always top notch no matter who’s trying to explain their tale and there is truly no finer way to spend a casual half hour. The programme has been on since 2007 so you’d think there had been some marvellous moments and you would be right. Here are our favourites and feel free to play along if you haven’t seen the clips before!

Did Kevin Bridges Buy a Horse?

In which comedian Kevin Bridges talks of accidentally buying a horse in Bulgaria. Apparently he thought he was renting it for the equivalent of £90 an hour. But is it true or is it a lie? You be the judge.

Did Interpol list Henning Wehn as a missing person?

In which German comic Henning Wehn talks of being listed for three weeks as a missing person by Interpol in the mid-nineties after a bike ride in Spain…in Morocco. Sound confused? You’ll love this story.

Does Bob Mortimer enjoy relaxing with an egg in his bath?

In which Would I Lie To You? favourite Bob Mortimer regales David Mitchell and his team with a tale that begins with Chris Rea cracking an egg into Bob’s bath in Middlesbrough in 1996. Does he still enjoy the custom?

Has Danny Dyer buried a thousand pounds in cash in a secret location?

In which legendary Eastender Danny Dyer talks of burying a thousand pounds in a secret location in case he ever needs to go on the run “to somewhere like Margate.” It sounds like a tall tale but on Would I Lie To You? you can never be too sure.

Did Sara Pascoe mistakenly go to Central America on Holiday?

In which Sara Pascoe thought that Costa Rica was in Spain. Unfortunately, it turned out that Costa Rica is not too similar to the Costa Brava or Costa Del Sol. Is she telling the truth? 

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By Henry Fosdike