5 Fantastic Outdoor Acts for your Event

August 23, 2016

Rumours of a heatwave this weekend are ensuring that the summer will continue into September with beaches up and down the country sure to be rammed with tourists and disgruntled locals alike. Away from these tourist hotspots, why not hold a party with some unique outdoor entertainment? Alternatively, if you happen to be arranging an air show or carnival, here are some fabulous acts that we’re sure will entertain the crowd.


 A stunning act that features an aerial acrobat and calls to mind the brilliant Pixar film Up, Helioom comprises a cluster of giant, helium-filled balloons that float high above your guests’ heads. Rather than a house dangling beneath them on a string, the crowds will be treated to a fabulous aerial acrobat who can perform with silks or hoop. What’s more, you can brand and colour the balloons however you like! Magical.


 For those who prefer large balloons instead of a cluster of smaller ones, Heliosphere is the act for you. Although well-suited to daytime events, we highly recommend the Heliosphere for a night time show as an acrobat performs beneath an LED-infused hot air balloon. As the colour changing lighting combines with the graceful circus performance, be sure to have your camera ready. A marvellous outdoor act that is perfect for any occasion.

Brothers of Eden

 Brothers of Eden are two incredibly athletic performers that have previously won Britain’s Got Talent. When Spelbound romped to victory back in 2010, you probably never thought you’d have a hope of booking them for your outdoor party; their routines seemed rather more suited to indoors than out. As the photo above shows though, their feats of strength known no bounds and you can hire them for an exceptional summer shindig.

Fire Fury

 Although the weather is sweltering, that doesn’t tend to stop the British public adding more heat to anything they can get their hands on. As disposable BBQ sales rocket around the country, you might be interested in a few of our fire acts, not least the fabulously named Fire Fury, who can perform a choreographed show that will leave you with your jaw agape! Hit play on The Prodigy’s Firestarter and find yourself under the hypnotic spell of these pyro performers.


 There’s just something about juggling that screams summer and we have no idea what it is. Although undoubtedly impressive, juggling alone is not enough for the Acro-Jugglers who are the perfect circus entertainment to hire for your event if you want a little something extra. Front flips, back flips and other things besides are all the order of the day for these two, which rather puts our limited juggling skills to shame.

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By Henry Fosdike