5 Fabulous Speakers and Hosts for your Event

September 10, 2015

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 soon to be arriving in London, there are two queries we are bound to receive. One is for the brilliant sports speakers and hosts, be they rugby-related or otherwise, whilst the other is for speakers talking about food. It makes sense when you think about it; to celebrate the matches various companies and clients like to celebrate a country’s culture with a themed party. With this in mind, here are six speakers to consider for your next event.

Ray Mears

 Hang on, what? Ray Mears? Talking about food? Well, yes we know it’s a tenuous link really but if you were lost in a forest somewhere, it’d be pretty great to have Ray Mears by your side. Whilst Bear Grylls rushes off to climb into some form of animal carcass, Ray will take a more considered approach, helping to build your shelter (and his, presumably) from various sticks and leaves. Added to that, he’ll ensure you eat well with a varied diet including insects and forest fauna. A fantastic speaker for pretty much any event due to his natural charisma and fascinating knowledge, Ray Mears will have every guest speaking in hushed tones by the close of your event!

Rachel Khoo

 Rachel Khoo. What more needs to be said? That’s right, nothing. Just Rachel Khoo. Rachel Khoo. Oh fine, go on then. Rachel is another foodie, emigrating to Paris and enrolling in world famous cooker school Le Cordon Bleu. Despite initially not speaking a word of French (which one could argue is a significant handicap when living in France), Rachel conquered Paris, the French language and French cuisine! Rachel now runs her restaurant La Petite Cuisine à Paris out of her quaint French flat and has earned rave reviews for her culinary treats. Inspiring and engaging, Rachel Khoo is a speaker not to be missed!

Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis is everybody’s favourite Sky Sports presenter (unless your favourite is Georgie Thompson – below). An award-winning television presenter who has been reporting at Sky Sports News for the past 4 years (and for 15 years as a whole), Amy regularly breaks stories live on air (including the recent FIFA corruption case) and also produces and presents 30-minute documentaries for the channel. A superb host or presenter for  any event, Amy Lewis might be just who you’re looking for once the Rugby World Cup or Olympics rolls around.

Georgie Thompson

 Georgie Thompson is everybody’s favourite Sky Sports presenter (unless your favourite is Amy Lewis – above). Hugely popular with sports fans when anchoring Sky Sports News’ flagship Afternoon Report and the first couple of years of Sky’s Formula 1 coverage, Georgie Thompson has since moved on to Fox Sport in the US and BBC Radio 5 Live. Available for presenting awards ceremonies or making personal appearances, Georgie Thompson is sure to light up the room of your event!

Andy Gray

 Ah, Andy Gray. Take a bow son. Take a bow. Widely acknowledge as one of the top football commentators in the UK, Andy Gray first made a name for himself when playing professional football for Aston Villa, Everton and Rangers. Having also won 20 caps for Scotland, Andy then moved onto punditry after a brief stint in management. Becoming a household name on Sky Sports football coverage, he moved onto talkSPORT in 2011 and now commentates for BT Sport and the Qatar-based beIN SPORTS alongside Richard Keys. Full of energy and with many an anecdote, Andy Gray is a fantastic and entertaining sports speaker for your event.

Did these five tickle your fancy or are you after someone else? Have a browse through our speakers to see what we can offer you. But remember, literally anyone could be available depending on your enquiry!



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By Henry Fosdike