5 Entertaining Ways to Remember your Wedding

December 06, 2017

We often think so much about our weddings that we have everything planned far in advance of the day itself. If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have the guestlist planned pretty early on, but how many of those who have been married can remember each and every guest twenty years later? If only there was a way to remember… Well with our five fab entertainment ideas, there is!

Signed Jenga Blocks

Who doesn’t love a good game? You might be thinking of the classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo and Connect 4 but between you and us, there are many better modern board games that have been invented since. Even so, nothing (and we mean nothing) beats a game of Jenga played with blocks that have been individually signed by each and every person at your wedding. You’ll need a sharpie to write properly on the wood, but trust us when we say the idea of having your future children play with the wedding Jenga blocks and find out what people thought about their parents on their wedding day is truly magical.

Graffiti Table

Buying the happy couple a present on their wedding day is tradition and aside from the usual things like plates, a corkscrew and err, a candy floss machine, happily married newlyweds often tend to chuck a few slightly more expensive items on the wedding list just in case. Well we can tell you now that a table doesn’t have to be there because, you guessed it, their brand new table can be signed by everybody in attendance on their wedding day! We don’t advise taking it home that night (or even over the next few weeks as they may be on their honeymoon), but it’ll certainly make an interesting conversation piece. Not sure if you want a table scrawled upon by all of your guests? Alternatively you could hire a graffiti wall and have the resulting scribbles condensed down into a cool one sheet poster for your lounge or bedroom wall.

Photo Booth Album

Photo booths are still tremendously popular at weddings with every single wedding we’ve attended having one. What’s not to love? In this modern world of sharing every aspect of our lives online, having numerous photos taken with props seems like a hugely fun idea (and it is!) The problem is that they may just end up on a random Facebook album, never surfacing ever again. We can change all that with our photo booth photo albums! Your guests’ photos are printed out mere seconds after they take their pictures, before they affix the photo into a book and write a meaningful message beneath it. Lovely.

Finger Paint Tree

A popular form of entertainment at one of the most recent weddings we attended over the summer – as well as also featuring at Hayley’s wedding – a finger paint tree (pictured above) is an absolutely adorable idea that looks better than anyone could ever imagine. With the tree and branches already adoring a large sheet of paper, guests merely need to select their paint, put some on their thumb and press down hard onto one of the branches, before signing their name and perhaps a good luck wish beside it. Simple but effective, the result is a tree brimming with colour. Just like a graffiti poster, newlyweds can hang the art piece up in their home after their wedding.

Bespoke Poem

Did you know that you could have a Poet for Hire at your wedding? Of course you can! However we think that this act could work even more impressively at a wedding if guests each submit a word or two about the happy couple ahead of the big day itself. The poet then crafts a poem utilising each and every word, which is then performed to the couple on their wedding day, complete with the list of which guest contributed which words at the very end or on the back of the scroll. A real treat, we think this could be the next big hit for weddings in 2018.

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By Henry Fosdike