5 Dances You Can Learn From Home

March 19, 2020

It’s important to keep fit during the COVID-19 crisis and we’ve scoured YouTube for some fun dance lessons that you can get involved with from the comfort of your living room. You never know, you might end up joining our roster of talent once this pandemic crisis is over! Let’s take a look at some dances you might like to enjoy.

Yoga with Adriene

As you can clearly see from the title of the video series, this is not a dance tutorial. We aren’t including Adriene’s teachings as one of the five but we felt it would be a good way to limber up during your down time. Her yoga series is one of the most popular on YouTube so why not start with her 30 Day series and go from there? It’ll certainly make these following dances easier.

Hip-Hop Dance Class

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and want to learn to dance like your favourite artists then this video from Lucie Fink should be your first port of call. Admittedly the teachers are a bit too enthusiastic for our tastes, and the less said about the colour scheme the better, but this hip-hop dance class is definitely worth your time. At just twenty minutes, it won’t take up too much of your day either. The perfect lunchtime pick-me-up!

Salsa Dancing for Beginners

If you are currently in isolation with your partner then what better way to use some of that time than by learning to salsa dance? Salsa Dancing for Beginners is the most popular salsa learning video on YouTube with over 10 million views! Filmed six years ago, it may not have the flashy editing and production values that we’ve come to expect from online content in the past few years but it’s an excellent walkthrough of all things salsa.

Wedding First Dance Tutorial Video

If you are planning to get married in the near future and are worried about that all important first dance at your wedding, this is the video for you. At just over two minutes long, it isn’t exactly in-depth but it does provide four easy steps that should help calm those nerves as your big day approaches. Definitely one to keep coming back to as your wedding day nears. 

Learn to Dance with Three Easy Steps

Who knew that the Wall Street Journal had a dance tutorial? Not us! This is perhaps the least difficult video of all of them on this list as it essentially stops you from looking awkward on the dance floor. These steps won’t set the party on fire but they will at least get your heart rate rising and there’s nothing better than that if you can’t go outside!

How to Do the Tango 8-Step Basic

Howcast offer numerous videos that focus on learning. From understanding poke to playing chess, they are an excellent resource of content that we can highly recommend. In this video they teach you the basic of the Argentine Tango and really focus on the footwork! Naturally it’s all slowed down from the actual tango but it definitely gives you enough to work with to ensure that you’ll soon know what you’re doing!

Best of luck with all of these dance videos and if you do become an excellent dancer over the next four to eight weeks, then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike