5 Circus Skills to Learn from Home

March 23, 2020

Practicing circus skills is a great way to do some exercise or keep you busy with a hobby. If you are currently in isolation and have a bit of spare time on your hands, these circus skills might be the perfect thing to keep both your body and your mind active without you having to go outside.

Hula Hoop 

A classic from the days of disco, hula hoop is hugely popular at events and is probably the most straightforward of all the circus skills to begin immediately. All you need is a hula hoop, to swing your hips from side to side and… That’s it! Music is optional but recommended! Although you might not reach the heights of our magnificent Superhoopers, we hope that you manage to master a few gyrations during your workout.


A fabulous circus skill to keep your mind active, juggling is a little bit like riding a bike; it’s tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s a skill that you never really forget. Simply grab three juggling balls, pop on a YouTube video to teach you the basics and go from there. As ever with the circus, practice makes perfect! If you master three balls, why not go up to five and attempt to enhance your juggling repertoire? There are a whole host of tutorials available!


We don’t expect you to be able to master the difficult feats of contortion immediately because in truth, it’s the flexibility that you need to work on first. How to do this? As with pretty much every ‘learn from home’ skill, we highly advise the YouTube video above. If you practice stretching daily then you’ll soon be able to pull off at least one contortion move.

Football Freestyle

Is this a circus skill? It’s certainly up for debate but football freestyle requires a performer to be incredible at controlling a ball with any part of their body. As such, we feel it qualifies! How to practice? Firstly we would advise picking up a football and attempting to do ten kick ups. Once you’ve mastered that, try twenty. Then thirty and so on. Once you reach one hundred, there are many other tricks you could learn as well.

Contact Juggling


Only really similar to juggling in name, contact juggling is a skill that when done right looks absolutely effortless. Unfortunately it’s very, very hard to master, which is why we only put forward the best contact jugglers when booking them. In order to practice, we would advise picking up a ball and seeing if you can achieve the skill in the video above. They make it look easy but we promise you, it’s actually very hard indeed!



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By Henry Fosdike