5 Circus Acts That Don't 'Just' Do The Trapeze

October 09, 2018

When it comes to circus entertainment, we are always dumbfounded at the abilities of our artists. Whether they do aerial hoop, silk, trapeze or any other circus skill, we can do nothing but applaud the sheer strength and impressiveness of such an act. If you have never seen a circus act in person then stop what you’re doing right now and book a circus performer today. If you have though, then you might like to know that some circus individuals are intent on making their already-very-difficult job even harder. Here’s how:

Aerial Juggling

When Joshua emailed us to see if we might like to add him to our books, we were naturally interested. Despite the fact that aerial circus skills can be done by both genders, we have many more women than men in that particular area of expertise and it always helps to have a bit of variety! Then we watched his video and… Wow! Not only can Joshua dance with a trapeze but he can do all this whilst balancing a ball on his foot or whilst juggling. Watch the sensational video above and we guarantee you’ll be impressed!

Aerial Ice-Skating

Alissa has the perfect act for Christmas parties. Not only will she wow you with her circus skills on the trapeze but she can also provide Aerial on Ice, a unique performance that sees Alissa quite literally dancing on ice throughout the routine. Yes, she brings a circle of ice to each event and combines her figure skating with balancing upon the trapeze. Another act that has to be seen to be believed!

Aerial Singing

Tilly is a singer, dancer and aerialist all in one! Able to stun audience members with her circus skills, Tilly is also able to sing as she completes each manoeuvre making for a real sight to see! Having performed with world renowned circus company Cirque Bijou, she is guaranteed to bring you an entertainment act that you will never forget.

Circus acts are constantly reinventing what they do on the trapeze. If you are looking for something slightly different then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike