5 Brilliant TED Speeches Under 4 Minutes

May 01, 2015

Since Madonna once sang about it, 4 minutes are a pretty big deal. Hell, she even got Justin Timberlake in on the act. Slightly more hazy are the memories of everyone’s favourite Celebrity Big Brother winner Mark Owen also warning the world about something due to happen in precisely 240 seconds time. The warning turned out to be the end of the awful song, so not too bad really.

Anyway, since time is valuable and money is time – or something like that at any rate – here are five brilliant TED talks that won’t take up too much of your day. 

Try Something New For 30 Days

This is fairly explanatory based on the title (well, they all are really), making our words somewhat superfluous but it case you can’t guess, this video explains how 30 days is pretty much the perfect time to try and do something new to see if you like it. It’s long enough to give it a good go and perhaps discover a hidden talent but also a decent amount of time to make you realise that maybe basket weaving isn’t for you.

Secrets of Success in 8 Words

Richard St. John was asked for the secrets of success by high schoolers and decided that since he’d been to TED a few times over the years, he was surrounded by successful people and should probably ask them what they believed was the secret to their own success. The interviews yielded answers but which eight words were the most common?

How to Tie Your Shoes

Our prediction is that you’re probably doing it wrong. Do your laces ever come untied? Thought so. Get with the times and learn from Terry Moore on how you should be tying your shoes. It’s so simple and the effects could be life-changing! Since you may very well ignore this advice, we guarantee this video will be the first thing you think about the next time you trip and faceplant into a bus.

How to Use One Paper Towel

Okay, this is slightly above four minutes but since others are far below it, everything should average out just fine. You know when you go to the toilet and they don’t have a Dyson hand dryer (what’s that about?) and you’re left with those questionable quality paper towels? Well now you can learn how to dry your hands effectively with one of the most pathetic materials known to man. Somehow. (NB: This genuinely works; we’ve tried it).

What Squatter Cities Can Teach Us

Stewart Brand talks about the rise of squatter camps and slums outside of the world’s major cities and why this is a good thing. You read that correctly, a good thing. But why? It’s an interesting and concise explanation of areas in which a sixth of the world’s population live.







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By Henry Fosdike