5 Adverts That Use Dance To Sell A Product

February 10, 2012


Sometimes, Dance is used as pure entertainment at an event - a dance performance always makes for a great focal point in an evening and is a reliable way to energize an audience. But for events such as product launches, awards ceremonies or venue launches; dance can be used to embody the USP of a product or express the values of a company.

When you're planning on using entertainment to sell a product; it's often useful to look at the world of advertising to see how an act can be put to work as part of your sales strategy. With that in mind, we thought we'd share our Top 5 adverts that use dance to sell a product.


Sure For Men Ice Dancing

We'll kick off with the recent ice-skating ad from Sure for Men to promote their Xtra Cool brand of deodorant. You don't need to come to the blog of London's leading supplier of entertainment to be told that "Ice is Cool and So is this Deodorant" - however the use of Ice Dancing fits perfectly with the image that all deodorants want to convey in their advertising. The canny deodorant-wearer effortlessly breezes by everyday obstacles and challenges with smooth, graceful motions (and probably bone-dry arm-pits.)


Citroen C4 - Dancing Transforming Car

Citroen's memorable advert for the C4 from a few years ago featured a car transforming into a robot and dancing to the song "Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)" in a rather Justin Tiimberlake-esque fashion. The Timberlake-esque-ness was no accident (unlike that suffix-car-crash for which I am truly sorry) because the dance moves for the ad came courtesy of Timberlake's choreographer Marty Kudelka. Not only does the Car seem Alive With Technology it also seems modern and fashionable thanks to the subliminal link to 'JT' who, in 2005, was at the peak of his popularity.  


T Mobile - Flashmob Dance

T-Mobile have cornered the market when it comes to Flashmobs in ad campaigns, they've even employed the services of our beloved Le Gateau Chocolat to help with one of them - but method to all of this flashmob madness. The sight of groups of people bursting into song or a dance routine emphasizes the virtues of connectivity that T-mobile are trying to convey; not to mention ideas of spontaneity and fun that the company no doubt want customers to associate with their brand.


Brains Dance for Drench

Sometimes, what starts with a pun can mutate into something altogether more interesting. The slogan for Drench's ad campaign was "Brains Work Better When They're Hydrated"  and the accompanying ad depicts the much loved Thunderbirds boffin 'Brains' dancing furiously to 90s dance-abomination Rhythm is a Dancer, pausing only to grab a quick sip from a bottle of the aforementioned Drench. It's a one-two punch of nostalgia (two levels thereof) and old-fashioned inventiveness that makes something as simple as 'plain old water' seem fun and exciting.


VW Tango Ad

It often helps to identify the key strengths or values of a product when trying to pick entertainment for an event surrounding a launch. When VW launched their new model Polo, they focused on two contrasting attributes for an ad campaign that bore the slogan "Tough. Beautiful. Polo." Two heavily tattooed dancers (who look like they've been plucked from a Latino gang scene in The Shield) engage in a meticulously choreographed tango that not only suggests toughness and beauty; but also brings to mind the passion and energy associated with the Tango.

If any of these ads have given you ideas for your next event - get in touch to find out how can make them happen.