5 Acts Perfect for London Fashion Week

September 22, 2015

As London Fashion Week comes to an end today, we thought we’d take a look at the perfect acts to close the weeklong fashion extravaganza. From cabaret to Paul Smith-related acts, we have exactly what you want.

Le Gateau Chocolat

The baritone diva and entertainment veteran of La Soirée, Le Gateau Chocolat (above) is just what you might expect from a visit to London Fashion Week, but at the same time will almost certainly surprise you with his smooth moves, stunning wardrobe and astounding voice. A hit all over the world (you might even see him in Kia adverts on TV), Le Gateau Chocolat is an undoubted star, which makes him the perfect act to close London Fashion Week.


 Michalis is the perfect fit for the close of London Fashion Week. Not only can he perform at the event, but Michalis can also document it with his skill. That’s essentially two acts for the price of one! Yes, Michalis specialises in drawing portraits in the style of fashion magazines. Clients include Vogue, ELLE and any other magazine you’ve heard about. If you’re lucky, perhaps he’ll draw you. He really is the most perfect act for this event. Perhaps it isn’t quite caricature but it’s certainly an interesting entertainment act for London Fashion Week consideration.


Well, classical music is officially in after Burberry’s London Fashion Week event yesterday morning! This spectacular photo from one of our violinists (who played at the event) shows the assembled musicians in a beautifully framed shot. As Emma herself noted, “Violins are officially in for Spring/Summer 2016.” So there you go.


 We will give out our costumes to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is ask. Who can’t imagine Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss in a fireman’s hat or Cara Delevigne in a tailcoat? Literally anything and everything is available; you just have to ask. Yes, we do bespoke too so maybe next year we’ll do our own showcase for London Fashion Week. It’s worth a go, right?

Barely Methodical

If they’re good enough for Paul Smith (and they are) then they’re good for us and London Fashion Week! Not only can Barely Methodical perform incredible circus feats like the Cyr wheel without any apparently difficulty, they can do all this in a nice crisp suit without even creasing the material! Now wouldn’t that be a sight to remember as London Fashion Week draws to a close? We think so and to be fair, evidently so did Paul Smith as the video below shows.


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By Henry Fosdike