4 Things that have made Adam Sternberg 4 'Places' more influential in 2011

December 07, 2011



It seems like only 12 months ago we were celebrating the fact that our beloved leader Adam Sternberg was voted the 49th most influential person in the event industry via Event Magazine's Event 100 Club for 2010. But after last week's revelation that "Mr Entertainment" had clawed his way up 4 places in this year's list, the very fact that we even bothered to celebrate 49 seems pathetic... we're done with 49, we're all about 45 now. Anything below 45 literally isn't worth thinking about.

But how did Adam Sternberg manage to defy expectations (that expected he would rise even higher) and creep 4 places up the list? How do you quantify the difference between a "49 Year" and a "45 Year"? In other words "What is Adam Sternberg Doing So Right?" Below are a few theories as to what's turned the big A.S. from a '49er to a '45er in the space of 12 months.

Sadly not Adam Sternberg in a Fox Mask

He Made People Laugh: Sternberg Clarke's Comedy Showcase

October was Comedy Month at Sternberg Clarke and to bring the entire thing to a giggling, snorting guffawing conclusion, we (i.e. Adam) put on a Comedy Showcase featuring some of the best new Comedy performers in London and attended by some of the leading lights in the events industry. Though we were teased with the prospect of Adam's legendary "Tie Joke", said joke did not make an appearance. Perhaps one rung of the ladder to 45 was thanks to the whole 'leave the audience wanting more'  thing?

Once again, this is not Adam Sternberg

He Put on a Show: Sternberg Clarke's Entertainment Showcase

To announce Sternberg Clarke's partnership with fellow Entertainment providers Blackburn International for Cruise Ship Entertainment; Adam and by extension Sternberg Clarke, put on a dazzling showcase at the Marriott County Hall featuring a diverse range of acts specially picked from the scintilating finger buffet of entertainment that is our "books". Surely enough to rise up another spot?

Adam's pet project Wandering Hands who he now has more pictures of than his own children

He let his Hands Wander: Strictly SW7 at the Natural History Museum

In 2011 Adam finally cut loose and unleashed his Wandering Hands on an unsuspecting Events Industry. And rather than shrieking, slapping him in the face or unloading a can of pepper spray into his eyes; they thanked him. We're talking of course, about the strolling unplugged covers trio that has been going down a storm at corporate events throughout 2011. With warmly recieved performances at the National Portrait Gallery's Glamour of the Gods launch, the Natural History Museum's Strictly SW7 and this week's ISES Mistletoe 2011 event at Christchurch Spitalfields, Adam's Wandering Hands seem to be getting him places.

Oh, also we rebranded, could that have anything to do with it? No, probably cakes.

He Gave People Cake: Gateau Promotional Cakes

"Let them eat Cake!" said Marie Antoinette *apparently never depending on who you believe*, in 2011 Adam Sternberg said "Make Them Eat Promotional Cakes in Celebration of a leotard wearing, bearded Operatic Baritone" and unlike Antoinette who suffered a career ending beheading, Adam is still going strong thanks to being the exclusive Corporate Events booker for the hottest cabaret performer on the circuit; Le Gateau Chocolat. When all else fails, go for deliciously moist, iced bribery.