4 Popular Event Entertainment Themes for 2016

September 30, 2015

It’s never too early to plan ahead. Many corporate and private clients often enjoy theming their larger parties (and smaller ones, as long as you can convince your mates to dress up) around national events happening that particular year. With this in mind, we thought we’d look ahead to see what trends might be coming up, which you may like to capitalise on. Without further ado, here are our popular party themes 2016.

25, 50, 100...

 These are the classic themes that come round every year; the only thing changing is the focus of the event’s theme. 2016 is 25 years away from 1991, 50 years away from 1966 and 100 years away from 1916 (top maths skills!) Presuming that you probably don’t want to do a Battle of the Somme-themed event – though popular West End theatre play War Horse is closing in March 2016 – the other dates offer a good opportunity to theme your event. 1966 will be a popular one to celebrate with a 1966 World Cup theme (see the Acrochaps photo above), whilst 1991 offers a chance to celebrate many other events from yesteryear.

Rio 2016

 Yes, like them or loathe them, the summer Olympics return next year with Rio 2016. Incredibly, it will have been four years since London 2012, where we all trekked over to Stratford to watch a game of Handball between a couple of Baltic nations (well, I did anyway) and it’s time to do it all over again next year. Coming live from Brazil in 2016, sporting entertainment is sure to be a big draw next year so get planning now! Brazilian Bateria dancers are probably your ‘go to’ entertainment but hey, maybe T2 will appeal to the Brazilian football fan..?


 According to Wikipedia, 2016 is set to be space crazy. You name it, it’s being planned. From a space hotel being launched for wealthy clients to various missions involving Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, there are huge plans afoot for 2016 and space travel. The sequel to Independence Day will surely only add to the fever in June, so get your thinking caps on if it’s space-themed event entertainment your after. What better venue than the Gherkin? We’ve even done a space theme there before as this blog shows. Organic Jam, astronauts, superhoopers... All will be perfect!

Harry Potter

 Brace yourself, folks! Muggles who love the young wizard are going to be out in force in 2016 with not one but two (or even three) new Potter releases thrust upon the world. But they won’t be in book form, oh no. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be an adaptation of a JK Rowling spinoff starring Eddie Redmayne, whilst Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will open in the West End in two parts. Magic, costume, crazy food—All will be great entertainment ideas for your Harry Potter event in 2016. You can even host your private party where the Harry Potter films were made!



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By Henry Fosdike