3 European Christmas Adverts that will Make you Cry

December 02, 2015

Providing entertainment means being in touch with our emotions and despite what you may think, the John Lewis advert does not have a monopoly on Christmas adverts that will make you cry, with a fair few cropping up this Christmas from around Europe. In this blog, we’ll look at the the Christmas adverts from Spain and Germany that have left their countries reeling. Have your tissues at the ready! And don’t worry about not being able to understand them; the brilliance of these adverts is that they’re mostly silent!

Germany – Otto

The first Christmas advert we’re bringing to you is for German mail order company Otto. A gorgeously animated tearjerker from ad agency Heimat Berlin. It’s directed and animated by Pysop in New York with Stink Berlin producing.

This Christmas advert sees an elderly post office worker discover a lost letter addressed simply to ‘Grandpa’. In a quick flashback, he recalls a little boy handing it to him many years ago. After reading its contents, he realises that the boy was writing to his Grandpa in Heaven, helpfully reminding his deceased relative that he had asked for a bike. So begins an epic journey across seas and snowfields to deliver the bicycle to the grown up boy, with a note attached saying ‘Sorry it took so long’.

Spain – Spanish National Lottery

You can’t really imagine the National Lottery producing something that goes viral in the UK but that’s exactly what the Spanish National Lottery have managed with another animated tale that has left viewers in floods of tears. It was the number 1 trending topic in Spain and amassed a million views within a day. It was created by Leo Burnett, Madrid and directed by Against All Odds at Passion Pictures.

This Pixar-style animation focuses on Justino, an elderly security guard in a mannequin factory. Unfortunately for him, he works the night shift so never gets to see any of his other colleagues. Wanting to connect with them, he begins to leave mannequins about in various poses and places, but do his colleagues know he exists and – because this is the real clincher – will they include him in their lottery syndicate? Yup, the true meaning of Christmas indeed! Well, maybe not but it makes for a fabulous advert.


Germany – Edeka

Ad agency Jung Von Matt have knocked Christmas out the park with this festive offering for German supermarket Edeka. In a similar manner to the John Lewis Christmas advert, this Christmas commercial focuses on old age and loneliness over the festive period and has taken Twitter by storm. Most people love it but some believe it to be too depressing and pretty dark. See what you think…

A lonely grandfather hopes to enjoy a Christmas meal with his children and grandchildren but alas, they’re all too busy year on year to come and visit their dear old relative. As such, we see him eating his Christmas dinner alone as a flurry of answer phone messages and apologies ring out. And then, rather brutally, he’s dead. The family all gather for his funeral at his house, all in mourning… When who should pop round the door? Only their dear old grandfather! “It was the only way of getting you all together,” he says as we devolve into floods of tears. The only off part of the whole thing is that the family barely react in a shocked manner and are simply happy to see him rather than wondering why the hell their Dad thought this was a good idea. But hey, it makes for a cracking Christmas ad and should make you ring your parents immediately.

We personally much prefer these three adverts to John Lewis’ offering this year. But who can forget the penguins last year? Oh and if you like that Spanish lottery ad, check out Justino’s Instagram and their effort for 2014. Another goodie! 



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By Henry Fosdike