3 Creative Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2015

Yes, yes, yes. This is it. It’s just two days away and you know that you want to propose on Valentine’s Day. But how to do it? Let’s be honest, being surrounded by strangers in a restaurant (where you know that someone else has the same idea) is a little old hat and what happens if you lose your nerve? After all, nobody wants to be proposed to at the bus stop on the way home (yes Dad, that’s a reference to you).
So what would overcome these possibilities? Thankfully, Sternberg Clarke has your back to add a creative twist to your Valentine’s Day proposal plans.

A message from the sky

No, no, no. We do not mean what you think we mean. We are not talking sky writing here. Although it’s certainly wonderful for your proposal to be seen by every local on the ground, it’s a little bit unnerving for all the other partners of people with the same name as your soon-to-be fiancée (or fiancé). “Err... No, that’s not aimed at you although I can understand the confusion...”

To avoid such situations, why not hire Helioom, an aerial acrobat? Various disciplines can be performed, the balloons come in any colour (red is regarded as traditional) and can easily be branded with a few choice words (we’ll leave that up to you). Talk about impressive.

A message from the sea

Okay, here it seems that a proposal via message-in-a-bottle would be the most romantic approach. “What’s inside? A proposal, oh lovely!” This is of course how you think it may go but think logically. Your carefully chosen bottle may never arrive on the shore, if it does then it may be at the completely wrong point of the beach and to be truthful, any hint of romance will be long gone after ten minutes of wrestling with the cork.

Perhaps a more romantic approach would be dinner aboard a boat followed by a romantic night time walk along the coastline. Superb. As you then turn the corner, grin at your beloved’s amazement as Spark Fire begin a short performance to celebrate this happy occasion as you get down on bended knee.


A message from the land

Lights! Camera! Action! You may think this one has a dramatic tone to it. No, no, no. We are not suggesting the delights of CSI for your proposal (although if you can make it work or are dating a forensic specialist, then it may just be the perfect thing). 

No, what we are thinking for this one is a majestic glow show performance. The LEDs can be fully customisable to spell out your proposal and as you hug your partner close, you can stand back and enjoy a phenomenal visual feast that will linger long in the memory.

Of course, you may also prefer to utilise one of our many dance troupes to put together a flashmob of your big moment. To give you some idea of what that may turn out like, why not enjoy this video? Because pictures are all well and good but there's something just ahh-inducing about a well-choreographed proposal video.
Of course at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you on how to propose and if you’re intending to, then we here at Sternberg Clarke wish you the very best of luck. Incidentally, you now have a wedding to plan. So here are a few articles that you may need to help you on your way. Congratulations!

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By Henry Fosdike