2014: A Space Gherkin Odyssey - Entertainment at the Gherkin

May 12, 2014

What’s the foundation of a good sci-fi themed event? Adding an alien or better yet, aliens? Throwing in some extra-terrestrial surprises? Finding that elusive fifth element? Or is it just cramming as many disjointed sci-fi references in as possible? Hmmm.

Poorly worked references aside, for a space themed party at the London Gherkin we made sure we found some enterprising ways to create some memorable close encounters (I’m sorry, I’ll stop now) – and incorporated a real life astronaut, several space hostesses and a bespoke Organic Jam DJ set to entertain revellers all through the night.

We supplied a real life spaceman (sans NASA qualification) to orbit the crowd and moonwalk dance with unsuspecting guests, proving a hit with the ladies and gentlemen alike.

Oh and did we mention that the spacesuit was created by our costume department and decorated with bespoke branding? We can do that for you too.

Our makeup artists worked hard to create a neo-glam look

Not content with just a dancing astronaut, we pulled out all the stops to create a glamourous greeting commission. Ten hostesses were on hand to meet, greet, and chat with party-goers – adorned with UV makeup and neon outfits out of our very own in-house wardrobe.

Hybrid act Organic Jam were also on hand to play a set showcasing their signature combination of live instruments and DJ-produced grooves to keep guests dancing all the way through the night. Our costume department yet again did a wonderful job of customising their outfits to match the occasion.

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By Stephen Warr