2012 Predictions: Top 5 Entertainment Trends for This Year

January 06, 2012


It's the first blog of the New Year! Following a not-long-enough winter break the Sternberg Clarke team are back in the office taking enquiries for entertainment at corporate events throughout the UK. And though it's too early to guess what new acts we'll find over the coming 12 months or what weird and wonderful ideas for entertainment we might have - it's certainly fun to speculate.

So based on what we know about how 2012 is going to pan out - what can we predict about the trends in corporate event entertainment over the coming year? Will we see an unquenchable thirst for Little Mix tribute acts? Will the Brian Cox-effect lead to a new trend in physics lectures at weddings?  Will we have to clone Le Gateau Chocolat to cope with the demand for his booming baritone? Difficult to say, but a quick look at the calendar suggests the following might be popular over the next year...

Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze - Olympic Entertainment for Events  

The Olympics are in town! And while we're being forced to give up our seat on the tube for a weary shot-putter after a day's putting (I imagine that's how its going to work) we'll also see scores of Olympic themed events all requiring suitable entertainment. Whether that's national themes for dignitaries from various countries or events with a general sporting theme - it's easy to guess that there's going to be plenty of entertainment themed around the biggest event in the sporting calendar. That could be anything from Sporting Speakers, to giving guests a go at archery. At the very least, hoop dancers should be dusting off those 5 coloured hoops that they probably haven't used since 2008.

Catwoman Returns - The Rise of the Cat suit

Christopher Nolan's smart, gritty reboot of the formerly goofy Batman Films has already spawned the daddy of all fancy dress memes thanks to Heath Ledger's grease-paint-smeared joker and it's not too much of a stretch to predict that the forthcoming Dark Knight Rises might contain a similarly iconic villain costume. Anne Hathaway's gadget laden reimagining of Catwoman might not be as eye catching as Michelle Pfeifer's leather cat suit from 1992's Batman Returns but it's more than likely that we'll be seeing a few slinky feline characters walking around events come summer.

The Only Way is Aztec - Mayan 'End of the World' Events

Adam joked about the whole "end of the world" thing on his Event Magazine blog, warning the event magazine not to anger any vengeful Mayan deities in the run up to the end of days, but joking aside (ish) we fully expect at least a few events with a tongue-in-cheek Aztec theme. That could manifest itself as Aztec living statues, body-painted models, meet and greet Mayan warriors and all manner of evocative apocolyptica. Whether it comes back to haunt us later on is something we'll find out in December - a few live sacrifices wouldn't go amiss... just saying...

Hope Springs Eternal - Euro 2012 Entertainment

Sure as day follows night, spring follows winter and misery follows returning to work in January - so too does "Euro 20-Something" follow "World Cup 20-Something". Despite England's dreary performance in 2010's World Cup in South Africa, no doubt the country will be whipped up into a patriotic lather spouting things like "This could be our year" and "we invented the game" before slumping into the usual grumbles of "can't take penalties" and "too many foreigners in the Premiership" etc. Either way, we're expecting an upturn in the amount of Football themed entertainment; from Keepy-Uppy experts to table football or even interactive penalty shoot-outs for guests. And if a client is feeling really adventurous they might want to book three honest to goodness lions... venue permitting.

Back in the Hobbit - A Return to Middle Earth

Another big 'Event Movie' this year will undoubtedly be Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' and it's more than likely that we'll see a little bit of the movie's high fantasy sword and sorcery goblin-ism make its way into corporate event entertainment. In the past we've used make-up artists to create Orcs and monsters and such is our passion for dressing up magicians in outlandish outfits we fully expect to cajole poor-old Dan Farrant into a Gandalf costume for a few sets of strolling magic. Poor Dan.

So those are our picks - what are your predictions for Corporate Event Entertainment trends in 2012? Let us know in the comments!