10 Unconventional Ideas For Your Wedding Entertainment

May 23, 2014

Want some ideas that aren’t simply hiring DJs and bands for your wedding? Looking to spice up the big day with a bit more than just Sinatra covers? Trying to think of a way to make your wedding theme work with your entertainment? Or do you simply want to see what other couples have included in their wedding to make it stand out?

Well, that's a lot of questions to ask – but to try and answer some of them, here are 10 pretty unconventional wedding entertainment ideas that you may haven't thought of yet. 


Ice cream van

‘OH MY GOD IS THAT AN ICE CREAM VAN?!’ shouts your mother in law – forming a new bond previously scuppered by wedding plan disagreements and "unintentional" faux pas. A great idea to get guests out and about in the sunshine. Photo via Eliza Claire.


A mind reader

Find out if your bridesmaids actually liked their dresses with a mind reader. OK, maybe that’s a bad example, but having a strolling psychic could be a great way to break the ice with some home-truths and get guests having a great time at your wedding.

Silhouette artist

He's been featured quite a lot in our blog recently, and for good reason. A silhouette artist is a great and unique way to give your guests a souvenir cut out of the big day.

Balloon artist

Who says balloons are just for kids? Keep the whole family entertained with a balloon modeller at your wedding reception. Perhaps you could even get matching bride and groom balloons? Photo via IGN.


Who needs a ringbearer when you can have a ringmaster at your wedding? A great idea for a circus or carnival themed wedding. Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.


A wedding without at least two fires is considered a dull affair, in my eyes at least. Make your wedding day one to remember with a firebreathing artist, though make sure your dress is out of the way so it's for the right reasons. Photo via Swamprabbit.

Samba dancers

Keep the heat on your guests and join in and dance with some Brazilian body-shakers. They're great fun for encouraging your guests to get on the dance floor and move their hips at your reception.

Mariachi band

Not just confined to Doritos adverts, a mariachi band is a great way to keep your guests in a party mood from the ceremony through to the reception. Photo via Onethousandwords.

A bouncy castle

Who wouldn't love a bouncy castle at your wedding? Just make sure your bridesmaids take off their heels first. Photo via Vanishing Moments.


Hiring a caricaturist is a really fun idea for a wedding to give your guests something to take away with them, but make sure you grab pictures of all the caricatures your artist makes! Photo via A Colorado Courtship.

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By Stephen Warr