10 Reasons To Book Your Christmas Party Entertainment Now

November 16, 2015

Like it or not, Christmas is round the corner. We don’t really like being pushy but if you haven’t booked your Christmas entertainment by now then you really are running the risk of not really having a party at all. You may as well just hold a ‘Christmas networking party’ where the presents are business cards and the entertainment is gained from watching people awkwardly approach a group of people they don’t know because their boss has just turned up and doesn’t want to see colleagues chatting to one another.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to attend a Christmas networking event when they could be screeching out I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday at the top of their lungs so here’s 10 reasons why you should book your Christmas entertainment now (well, after reading this list). And remember, there's only five weekends to go!

1.       See above. It’s literally been seconds since you read it but let’s remind you again anyway… Nobody wants to stand around awkwardly in a venue without Christmas entertainment at Christmas time. Speaking of which, you should probably book your venue.

2.       Your top picks are getting booked up. Whilst you peruse the events industry’s version of the Argos catalogue (available here), idly pondering how people might look at your Christmas party, other companies and individuals are busy actually booking them up and providing them work. Make sure you’re not left with your fifth or sixth choices by booking your Christmas entertainment now.

 3.       You can finalise the repertoire. Let’s be honest, there are some awesome Christmas songs. But – choosing our language carefully here - there are also some not so awesome Christmas songs (looking at you, Band Aid 30 amongst others). There’s nothing worse than the dance floor completely clearing due to a DJ accidentally throwing out a Christmas ‘classic’ nobody enjoys so by booking your entertainment earlier rather than later, you can ensure that Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer is nowhere near the playlist.

4.       You can work on other things. Booking your entertainment through an agency such as ourselves allows you some peace of mind. Worried about acts bringing their PA? No idea how much space a DJ needs? Completely clueless on gaining access to a venue or how much time a band need to set up? Breathe. Once you’ve booked through us you can calm down and begin sourcing the BEST pigs in blankets for the buffet. Actually you could also hire genuine pigs in blankets. That'd be cute as hell.

5.       We are getting busier! Okay, so this isn’t actually a fault of your own but because so many people are booking entertainment for Christmas and New Year, we don’t have quite as much time to tailor the perfect act for your event or party. We like to come up with a bespoke list of possible entertainment ideas that will wow your guests over some mulled wine but with more and more enquiries and less and less time to offer our advice, you’re leaving it late to find something people won’t be expecting!

 6.       Booking earlier is cheaper. Unlike booking a last minute flight or hotel at late notice, booking acts last minute is horrendously expensive. They might have had a date planned or been planning to marathon a few Christmas movies that evening so shoehorning in your party at late notice is rather ruining those plans. As such, the price goes way up. You can still book them, it just pays to get them early before they’ve bought Elf and Die Hard on blu-ray in preparation for a strange but Christmassy double bill.

7.       Promotion is easier. Let’s be honest, sometimes encouraging everyone in the office to attend the Christmas party is a surprisingly difficult affair. Despite the fact they ‘love Christmas’ they’re always absent every year for one reason or another. Well not this year! Perform the miracle of Christmas by encouraging Scrooge to attend based on your fabulous acts! If you want them, that is… if you’re calling your colleague Scrooge then you and they are probably best kept apart.

8.       Pre-party buzz. Yes, you want to impress your colleagues so by booking the entertainment far in advance you can encourage good old fashioned Christmas party buzz. To be perfectly honest, this is way easier when following on from a previously brilliant Christmas party because their expectations will be higher. Looking to book something they’ve never seen before? Get in quick!

 9.       Impress your peers. Following on from 7 and 8, there’s nothing better than being able to kick back at the Christmas party, chuck on that rubbish paper hat from your cracker and bask in the glory of having picked out that fab band or unearthed the Chillusionist to wow your colleagues. And hey, if your boss is impressed, then who knows where you might end up next year?

10.   Free promotion. Perhaps only applicable if you work for a large company, but naturally entertainment acts have their own social media feeds and other ways in which they promote themselves. And how do they do this most effectively? By mentioning who they’ve performed for of course! Now they might not have as many followers as your account but they do have friends who will no doubt look favourably upon your business as a result. And in the run up to Christmas, this could result in a minor sales boost. Maybe. Not guaranteed but good word of mouth is great PR regardless!

So there you have it. Still not convinced? Feel free to browse the aforementioned catalogue, check out the Christmas blog and various festive entertainment acts. Go, go, go! Or should that be ho, ho, ho? 



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By Henry Fosdike