5 Entertaining Halloween Related Facts You Wish You Never Heard

October 29, 2014

Did you know that since it was thought the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead blurred on October 31, which allowed the dead to walk among the living, humans would adorn themselves with masks and costumes so that the newly earthbound spirits would not recognize them. No? Well read on for 5 more terrifyingly true facts that embody the true spirit of Halloween – careful though, you might just regret ever learning about them in the first place.

Read on after the break for 5 entertaining Halloween related facts you wish you'd never heard.

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In Pictures: Colin Murray And October Jazz At The Natural History Museum

October 28, 2014

For a national awards ceremony held at the Natural History Museum’s grand Hintze Hall, we booked ever-affable sports broadcaster Colin Murray to present the awards and vintage jazz band October Moon to provide a succulently sweet soundtrack for the evening.

Over 550 professionals attended the awards ceremony held within the cathedral-like hall, flanked by all manners of natural curiosities and magnificent man-made architecture – not to mention one of the museum’s most prominent centrepieces, a Diplodocus skeleton.

Read on after the break for more pictures of this grand scale awards ceremony featuring host and presenter Colin Murray and the October Jazz band. Photo credits Owen Billcliffe

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Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday Halloween Edition

October 28, 2014

So, it’s Halloween in a matter of days and that means one thing and one thing only: it’s time for YouTuesday to deliver a blood curdling bundle of tricks and treats all condensed into the magical format we mortals understand as video.

So sit back and let your spine tingle, your hair be raised and your fingernails rake across your keyboard in abject horror as you watch this curiously curated selection of the top 5 videos this week.

Actual cannibals, ethereal steampunk-like instruments you've never heard of, an incredible musical medley of Thriller and the most horrifyingy hellish form of torture ever invented by man – Robbie Williams singing to them whilst giving birth. Hold me.... "Read More

5 Scarily Relevant TED Talks For This Halloween

October 24, 2014

Halloween casts an unerring light on the darker, more morbid parts of life that we somehow find ourselves holding a strange infatuation with at the end of every October. Whether its purely for entertainment or something a little more incongruous – it's hard to pinpoint exactly what keeps it so darkly fascinating year on year. Needless to say, here’s a few TED talks that are scarily suitable for the occult holiday as we gear up for another round of trick or treaters.

So gather round the proverbial campfire and listen to these tales of frightening fantasy, terrifyingly true stories and scarily relevant speeches that will make sure you’ll never see Halloween in the same way again.

Read on after the break for 5 scarily relevant TED talks for this Halloween.

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Weekly Events Wrapup: 24th October

October 24, 2014

The weekly events wrapup brings together all the best news, stories and content from the events industry and #eventprofs around the world and delivers it in a simple and easy to read layout.

The headlines from this week – 24 October – include: the first royal tweet, Cameron pledges support to the UK events industry, what Lady Gaga can teach us about events, the new Halloween costume craze and the rise of eSports.

Read on after the break for all the event news, stories and articles.

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In Pictures: A List Awards Ceremony Entertainment At Madame Tussauds

October 23, 2014

For an awards ceremony hosted at Madame Tussauds’ premier world stage, we delivered a gourmet buffet of high class entertainment to recapture – in our own special way – the glitz and glamour of the academy awards complete with some unusual trimmings.

The star studded lineup of acts performing on the evening were; a full-bodied instrumental jazz band, a flock of lookalikes replete with vintage fedora-wearing paparazzi, Elle & the Pocket Belles, our classic “singing waiters”, stand up comedian Hal Cruttenden, acrobalance duo Brothers of Eden and finally the Bolly Flex Bollywood dance troupe.

Read on after the break to learn more about the A list entertainment we put on for this amazing awards ceremony.

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9 Top Tips On Booking A DJ For Your Christmas Party

October 22, 2014

Looking at booking a DJ for your Christmas party but don’t know how to get the most bang for your Christmas buck? Well look no further as we’ve compiled some of our top tips on hiring the DJ with a deck to get the dancefloor jumping in bounds of jolly. Or something like that.

Whether you want to put on a festive playlist or if you want to simply leave them to it, getting a DJ to perform at your Christmas party or event is a truly tried and tested way to make sure that the good music keeps on flowing throughout the night.

Read on after the break to find out the 9 top tips on booking or hiring a DJ for your Christmas party.

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Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday 21st October

October 21, 2014

It's only 10 days to go until Halloween so hopefully you've already got your costumes and parties sorted. These 11 frighteningly good entertainment ideas might serve up a little inspiration and if you're just attending one, off to pinterest you go!

In the meantime, let's jump in to this week’s YouTuesday – the weekly roundup of the top 5 videos showing off the best talents and clips the internet has to offer – including: a young magic prodigy, a world record Rubik's Cube, beatboxing a capella, two incredibly talented recitalists and hoverboards. Yes. Hoverboards. 

Read on after the break to see the top 5 videos making the rounds this week.

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In Pictures: Chinese Themed Entertainment At the Shard's Hutong Restaurant

October 20, 2014

For a corporate event at the Hong Kong inspired Huton restaurant situated within London’s most pointy landmark The Shard, we created a scintillating showcase of Oriental themed entertainment to make a truly memorable experience.

A fortune teller, calligrapher and a pipa and erhu playing duo were handpicked to give guests a true taste of the Orient as they wined and dined upon a variety of the restaurant's most piquantly delectable northern Chinese dishes whilst overlooking the panoramic beauty of the shimmering London skyline.

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Weekly Events Wrapup: 17th October

October 17, 2014

The weekly events wrapup brings together all the best news, stories and content from the events industry and #eventprofs around the world and delivers it in a simple and easy to read layout.

The headlines from this week – 17 October – include: a chocolate fashion show, Frankenstein pumpkins, booking the right wedding entertainment, what it costs to disinvite a speaker from your event, Neil Patrick Harris selected to host the Oscars, rock star techniques for giving better presentations and a man...trapped in a bookstore.

Read on after the break for all the event news, stories and articles.

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