New Venue Breakdown

July 02, 2015

Since we’re halfway through 2015, we thought we’d take a look back at a couple of new venue openings, a venue that is due to be open to a far wider number of people than has previously been possible and a brand spanking new venue that (whisper it) isn’t in London.... "Read More

Shakespearean Costume @ British Museum

July 01, 2015

The weather is incredible at the moment, which means that it must be the start of that time of the year where a summer party works absolutley perfectly. Bearing this in mind, we were asked with putting a sumptuous array of characters from the world of William Shakespeare including the bard himself!... "Read More

Taylor Swift @ Hyde Park

June 30, 2015

 Taylor Swift. Hyde Park. 2015. Who better to review the gig than Hayley Clarke (aged 10). ... "Read More

Five Acts Perfect for Wimbledon 2015

June 29, 2015

Quick! Who won last year’s Wimbledon? If you answered Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova then you will no doubt be extremely excited for today for it is the start of the Chamionships once again. Incredibly, the sun is shining and it’s a glorious day so we can expect a healthy dose of lawn tennis before the first few rain drops fall on the tournament. Fingers crossed they don’t fall at all but if they do, then here are five acts a little more enjoyable than Cliff Richard.*

*(To most people anyway)

... "Read More

Magicians Select Their Favourite Magic Tricks

June 26, 2015

Last week, we wrote a blog post comprising just five of our favourite magic tricks of all time. We tried to be a little bit different in selecting each one, picking a card trick here, a quick change effect there and obviously a David Copperfield one for good measure. After taking to Twitter, we found that three top UK magicians put forward their own selections...... "Read More

New Venue: KidZania

June 25, 2015

It’s a new venue! Hooray! And this one is particularly special because it means that you can enjoy drinks, food and entertainment... And feel like a giant in the process. Yes, we are now preferred suppliers at KidZania, London. Read on to find out more.... "Read More

Five Commercials That Made Great Use of Entertainment

June 25, 2015

There are many brilliant adverts out there that grab your attention from the get go and stay with you for many years after they were first broadcast. Maybe you or your parents continue to chat about the Milk Tray man in hushed tones or your mates won’t stop saying “’Ave it”, when you’re having a kickabout. A good advert tends to stick in the memory for a long time and here are a few that make use of entertainment.... "Read More

Beat the Brief 2015 - The Final!

June 24, 2015

After heat one last month and heat two of Beat the Brief just last week, it was finally time for the final at Event 360. But who would win out between Beato Burrito and The Spitfire Sisters?... "Read More

Using Entertainment to Sell a Product

June 23, 2015

Since entertainment was invented (can you invent entertainment? We presume so...), it has often been used as a marketing tool. Not just entertaining the crowds but also convincing them that they do really want to part with their hard earned cash because a gymnast drinks a certain beverage.

With Paul Smith yet again unleashing their ad campaign with performers – last year it was circus folk, this week it was BMX stunt bikers – we thought we’d take a slightly more in depth look at utilising entertainment to sell a product.

... "Read More

Remembering James Horner

June 23, 2015

This morning, we were deeply saddened to hear of the death of wonderful film composer James Horner. He was 61. To help remember him, we’ve assembled five of his finest tunes.... "Read More

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