How is Entertainment Used in Acts of Protest?

June 28, 2016

With the UK government seemingly in full panic mode over Brexit and the various consequences that the vote has taken, we’ve decided to look into various acts of protest for your consultation. Whether it will be protesting the outcome of the vote (remainers) or protesting the fact the government hasn’t yet invoked Article 50 (leavers), we can guarantee some of these acts may be useful to you.... "Read More

Steampunk Party Theme Ideas

June 27, 2016

Whether you love the idea of Victorian industry fusing with science fiction or not, there’s no doubt about it that holding a steampunk party is really, really cool. With various cogs and mechanical whirring to the left of you and an extraordinarily well-coiffured man-in-top-hat to your right, you sure to have a marvellous time, especially if you follow these steampunk party theme ideas that we’ve laid out for you!... "Read More

Puccini's La Bohème @ Opera Holland Park – Review

June 24, 2016

Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece comes to life in a specially designed venue in London’s stunning Holland Park as part of Opera Holland Park, a summer series that features six different operas across the course of three months including Iris, Die Fledermaus and Rossini’s La Cenerentola.... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts - The History of the Hokey Cokey

June 23, 2016

Ah, the EU referendum gives rise to a rare Thursday edition of Ooh, Interesting! fascinating facts. Are you in or are you out? This left us with one nagging thought… What if we wanted to shake it all about? After all, once you do the hokey cokey and you turn around, that is what it’s all about. ... "Read More

Wedding Wednesday - How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Photos

June 22, 2016

We all love our pets. They arrive in our homes and quickly become part of the family, even as they’re busily destroying that antique from ebay with their claws or using your curtains as a scratching post. We wouldn’t have it any other way. As such, when it comes to organising a wedding ceremony, many want to include their pets but have no idea how to do it. Say no more! Here we look at how to include your pets in your wedding photos!... "Read More

In Pictures: Best of British @ Natural History Museum

June 21, 2016

Barely a week goes by where we aren’t up to something at the Natural History Museum and this time round, we were supported by a whole host of lookalikes seeking to ensure that our client really did experience the ‘Best of British’.... "Read More

Wild at Hampstead Theatre – Review

June 20, 2016

Mike Bartlett has had a brilliant couple of years with the smash hit TV series Doctor Foster on BBC1, King Charles III winning Tony awards on Broadway and a whole host of his plays debuting and being revived in London including Game at the Almeida, Bull at the Young Vic and this, his new play, Wild at the Hampstead Theatre.... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts - Getting Around a 3 Minute Song

June 17, 2016

Today’s Ooh, Interesting! fascinating fact takes us all the way back to the sixties and the seventies, where everything was conducted amidst a summer haze of free love, great music and questionable fashion. It was also the time that the radio reigned supreme when it came to getting your record heard and any song over 3 minutes just wasn’t going to be a hit. So how did Simon & Garfunkel get round that fact?... "Read More

The 7 Types of Opera Voices

June 16, 2016

Opera. Not the award winning talk show host – that’s spelled Oprah – but the musical genre beloved by many and completely ignored by far more. Whenever you hear it, you think it sounds superb and incredible, yet most of us have apparently never even seen one. Baritone? Tenor? Mezzo-Soprano? What do all these words mean? Have no fear, we’re here to help you learn your stuff about the various opera voice types and hopefully convince you to give an opera a go. And no, seeing Phantom of the Opera three times doesn’t count. Apparently.... "Read More

Putting the Pro in Proposal - Wedding Wednesday

June 15, 2016

We know, we know. It’s Wedding Wednesday. The vast majority of the people who read this blog or explore this site during Wedding Hour will no doubt already be engaged, so what is the point in putting together a blog of incredibly ornate proposals? Well… Who doesn’t love watching them? Indeed, it has long been an ambition of my own to create a TV programme where two people want to propose using the same theme – safari for instance. They then pick envelopes which decide on their budget. You might get £20,000 to put on the most incredible show or £100 to create a more intimate proposal. Rather than real lions, you’ll get cardboard cut outs created by the would-be groom and his friends. Until then, here are a few people putting the ‘pro’ into ‘proposal’.... "Read More

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