In pictures: An Autumn Garden Inspired Ballerina Troupe At The Tate Britain

November 21, 2014

For an autumnal garden-inspired event at the Tate Britain, we gave guests a naturally warm welcome as we provided a troupe of highly talented ballerinas to perform as proceedings got underway.

The event was themed primarily around the shift of the late-year season as dusky summer evenings give way to the oncoming chill of autumn nights – with the troupe of ballerinas acting as muses each adorned with decorative headpieces made of fallen leaves and delicate, flowing sashes. 

Read on after the break to find out about the inspiration for the event along with pictures, explanation and more.

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Weekly Events Wrapup: 21st November

November 21, 2014

The weekly events wrapup brings together all the best news, stories and content from the events industry and #eventprofs around the world and delivers it in a simple and easy to read layout.

The headlines from this week – 21 November – include: New Candy Crush launches in London, why you need to make an impression at your event in 8 seconds, London's place as top European city for events and...the global Chocolate supply shortage.

Read on after the break for all the event news, stories and articles.

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In Pictures: The Lips’ Debut Performance at Banqueting House With Support from Sewuese

November 19, 2014

For the Historic Royal Palaces second annual showcase dinner for event industry guests and luminaries at Banqueting House in Whitehall, London, new all-female a capella group The Lips took to the stage for their debut performance whilst background music was provided by sultry soul singer Seweuse.

Read on after the break for more pictures and information about The Lips' first gig at HRP's second annual showcase dinner.

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Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday 18th November

November 18, 2014

Just like clockwork, it's that time again where we start buying copious amounts of canned snacks, fill our freezers with frozen party food and moan about the new Band Aid song and the fact it's gotten cold (again) – but who cares? It's pre-Christmas and that means we have a god-given British right to spread forth our holiday grievances for all to enjoy.

But, in the meantime, let's jump in to this week’s YouTuesday – the weekly roundup of the top 5 videos showing off the best talents and clips the internet has to offer – including: a ballerina on a bicycle, a human performing tricks for a dolphin, Tony Hawk riding a hoverboard and Spiderdad.

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In Pictures: The Blind Tigers Play Instore At Hackett London

November 17, 2014

Last weekend we lent a helping hand to British clothes brand Hackett London as they promoted their stores in Regent Street & Covent Garden by enlisting influential jazz trio The Blind Tigers. The trio played for customers and onlookers alike as they passed by the store to get a good look at the brand’s latest offering.

Social media helped the word spread fast of the label’s weekend experience and particularly detail-oriented readers might even recall we did the same for the brand this time last year as they celebrated their place within British men's fashion and all things 1920s London.

If you’d like to learn more about how we helped the brand reach even more people, just read on after the break for more details and information about the activation.... "Read More

8 Futuristic Entertainment Acts For A Super Fun Space Age Party

November 14, 2014

10 years, 4 billion miles, 6.4 billion kilometres and one piece of ice covered rock hurtling through space at 135 000 km/h. With the landing of the Rosetta Mission's Philae on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, humanity has found its footing in a new epoch of space discovery and so if you’re planning a party to celebrate – what better idea than to incorporate some space age entertainment acts into it. And to help with that, here’s 8.

From retro arcade cabinets to laser violinists, read on to see just which acts would be perfect for a space age party.

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In Pictures: Wandering Hands And Spark! LED Drummers At 155 Bishopsgate

November 13, 2014

For a corporate event at the stunning venue 155 Bishopsgate situated within the pulsing heart of the City of London, we called upon the smooth sounds of musical strollers Wandering Hands and Spark! – a collection of high energy, percussion pounding LED drummers – to really bring out the ahem fun in this function.

As a modern, sophisticated venue with a great deal of open space, 155 Bishopsgate was an ideal place for these two acts that, at their heart, require just a bit of breathing space to really shine. Wandering Hands as a perfect complement for the drinks reception helped warm up the crowd with their playful musicality before Spark! performed their sit as the evening rose to its crescendo.  

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Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday 11th November

November 11, 2014

So we've missed the last couple weeks of YouTuesday and for that, I apologise. But it's not all bad, I mean since then we've managed to get rid of Dapper Laughs. So that's something, I guess.

In the meantime, let's jump in to this week’s YouTuesday – the weekly roundup of the top 5 videos showing off the best talents and clips the internet has to offer – including: a mannequin Halloween prank, T-Pain's non-autotuned voice, incredible Chinese Wushu, Russell Brand's new song, and Daniel Radcliffe's really surprisingly awesome rapping skills.... "Read More

In Pictures: Grimm Entertainment for the Playboy Club's Halloween Bash

November 10, 2014

For the Playboy Club’s annual Halloween extravaganza, we were tasked with creating a wickedly fun night of entertainment – inspired by the surprisingly dark and morbid fairy tales curated by the Brothers Grimm – with a superb variety of custom-made performers and acts to ensure that this party was not only scary, sexy and downright fun, but also one worth writing about.

Following on the success of our previous Independence Day party which we worked to carefully create the entertainment for, we were even more liberal with our sinister setlist of petrifying performers which ranged from a roaming trio of “deathly bards” Ze Trio and party band Coverflow to a living blood-oozing statue of the long-haired legend Rapunzel, a scarily talented tap dancer and a magician…in werewolf’s clothing.

Read on after the break to see more pictures, details and information about this Halloween themed event


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5 Fiery Entertainment Acts To Heat Up Your Bonfire Night

November 05, 2014

Sparked off by Guy Fawkes’ explosive plot to vanish the Houses of Parliament in a blaze of gunpowder fuelled sectarian violence, Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes' night) has long been about bringing people together to celebrate the survival of one of the world's proudest monarchies – and what better way to do that than burning things to a crisp.

And as the weather abruptly skips autumn and drops us into freezing cold temperatures that will make you wish you didn’t ignore that guy who sells those jelly hand warmers on the high street once again this November – warm up with these 6 fiery acts to perform around your next bonfire.

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