Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts – The Sound of Silence

May 27, 2016

Today’s blog is another fun fascinating fact, this time from the world of music. Most facts obviously tend to become known after many years of having them passed on throughout the industry but this one is different, primarily because it took place in the digital music world. ... "Read More

Animals That Can Sing

May 26, 2016

Many people contact us to ask if we can provide an entertainment act for their event and of course we say yes. Absolutely. Certainly. Sure. We then tend to find out what they are after in terms of circus, comedy or music. Music? Great. Next we find out the style they want; background music for corporate events or something more lively? However we never seem to establish whether they want humans or animals to perform. You’d think this was a given but we’ve scoured YouTube and…Well… Now we aren’t so sure.... "Read More

Wedding Wednesday - Gorgeous Wedding Venues Around London

May 25, 2016

We put entertainment out each and every week around London and beyond. From Atlantic Soul Orchestra to London Contemporary Voices, we have a wonderful mix of fab wedding bands to ensure that your wedding is one to remember and completely unique to you. But entertainment for weddings is not the only way to make sure that your big day is a true representation of the bride and groom; your wedding venue is another way to make the exchanging of vows a truly personal experience. Here we look at five venues that we absolutely adore.... "Read More

Top 5: Unique Function Bands for Your Event

May 24, 2016

Let’s be honest, you’re not always looking for background music at a corporate event. Sometimes you are and we have some fabulous jazz bands for just that query, but when you’re wanting to create more of a party than an event, it’s best to seek out the finest music for corporate events you can find. Of course, it isn’t just about the instruments and the way they’re played, but the whole image that comes with the band. You want to have fun and you want your band to be having fun as well. With that in mind, here are some unique function bands whom will ensure that the music for your event is both awesome and memorable long into the future!... "Read More

Magicians Who Fooled Penn & Teller – Part IV

May 23, 2016

Well done for staying with it! We have finally come to the concluding part of our ‘Magicians who Fooled Penn & Teller (on Fool Us)' series and hope you have enjoyed the many magic trick videos we have thrown your way. The good news however is that you are still yet to see the final part – the final foolers are below – and that there is a third series on the way at some point. Wahey! Until then, we hope you have enjoyed our jaunt through a variety of different magic types and feel free to get in contact if you’d like a magician to perform at your event. Without further ado…... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! – The Wonderful World of Combat Juggling

May 20, 2016

Another Friday, another Ooh, Interesting! fascinating fact wings its way across the web. Today’s blog we take a look at a unique form of juggling that brings circus entertainment to the masses. Fan of UFC? Fan of circus entertainment? Then this is the event for you!... "Read More

In Pictures: Acoustik, Acro-Jugglers and Angel Faces @ Hampton Court Palace

May 19, 2016

Another week another May showcase! There’s just something about the good weather in April and May that makes everybody in the events industry sit up and want to hold a party. Who are we to complain? Amazing food, gorgeous flowers, enchanting production…and of course an incredible venue in which it’s held. Have we forgotten something? We think we’ve forgotten something. Oh yes, the awesome entertainment, which we like to provide.... "Read More

Wedding Wednesday – Hedsor House Wedding Showcase 2016

May 18, 2016

We love a wedding! We provide wedding entertainment to hundreds of weddings each year and whether you are hiring a magician or band, we like to think we will go the extra mile for you on your big day. Many people may think that the wedding begins when the act gets booked but for us, it starts at wedding fairs and showcases, where we first meet you and show off a little off the entertainment we provide.... "Read More

In Video: Stilt Walkers and In the Style Of @ the UK Blog Awards 2016

May 17, 2016

We don’t want to bang on about it, but you may have seen that we were Highly Commended at the UK Blog Awards for… Well, this blog! Hooray! In order to ensure that the event was as entertaining as possible, we also sent along a couple of acts to London’s Park Plaza to add to the flavour of the evening.... "Read More

Magicians Who Fooled Penn & Teller – Part III

May 16, 2016

It’s the blog series that just keeps on giving! Or should that be fooling? Yes, today we’re heading back to Penn & Teller: Fool Us, to run through season two of the popular TV show and see which magicians managed to fool Penn & Teller live in Las Vegas. Without further ado, let’s get under way!... "Read More

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