Five videos from the world’s most prestigious street dance intensive that will motivate you to train

July 28, 2015

Most dancers are familiar with top training programs for dance styles like ballet, but what kind of training goes into becoming a street dancer? Most people in the street dance scene will agree that the top program is Urban Dance Camp. Every summer, world-class choreographers and dancers from more than 33 countries gather in Lörrach, Germany to participate in the world’s most prestigious street dance intensive. The summer consists of more than 160 advanced dance classes over a period of 44 days and the choreography never fails to both challenge and impress dancers and spectators. Here are five videos from the intensive that will motivate you to keep training in whatever art you love.... "Read More

7 Great Value Wedding Bands That Won't Break the Bank

July 27, 2015

If you have your heart set on a live band that will get everybody dancing but are concerned about stretching your event budget, take a look below at some of our fantastic new function bands. You don't necessarily have to resort to having a DJ, these great value bands will bring the party without breaking the bank!... "Read More

In Pictures: Organic Jam @ Royal Academy of Arts

July 24, 2015

If you're looking for a special something to do in London over the next couple of months, the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy is always worth a look. But yesterday wasn't about that...... "Read More

Four Superb International Dance Acts

July 24, 2015

If you’re having a themed event or showcasing a product with links to a particular country or culture, then these four dance acts will be sure to entertain the crowds.... "Read More

In Pictures: Dolce Vita Live @ Audrey Hepburn Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery

July 23, 2015

With an exciting new exhibition dedicated to Audrey Hepburn at the National Portrait Gallery, we provided a 1950s inspired Italian jazz duo as part of a new act, Dolce Vita Live.... "Read More

5 Glorious Venues Located Outside of London

July 22, 2015

Hedsor House, venue

We all love London. Even those that claim they don’t still find something to enjoy, even if it’s for just one day a year when the London Marathon arrives or maybe even once every few years when it hosts the Olympic Games. Even so, it’s also nice to have a break from the capital city on occasion and these five venues are great places to hold your event if you’re planning to escape the M25.... "Read More

Five dance performances that embody meaningful storytelling through entertainment

July 21, 2015

Sometimes, the entertainment industry has a negative connotation of being shallow and insignificant. However, there are times when performances inspire audiences with thoughtful messages and even have lasting impacts on different groups of people. These five dance performances in particular stand out in the way that these groups show how entertainment can not only showcase talents, but also tell a meaningful story.... "Read More

July’s Exciting New Music Acts

July 20, 2015

The Pink Champagne Sisters

Here at Sternberg Clarke, we like to ensure that we have a constantly updated website with the newest and most exciting acts being added to our pages. This month, we’ve found ourselves adding a lot of music. So take a look below and see if any of these brilliant artists tickle your fancy.... "Read More

In Pictures: Our Favourite Events From 2015... So Far

July 17, 2015

We provide entertainment for hundreds of events each month but every now and again, we’re involved in one that has to be seen to be believed. As such, we make sure to take lots of photos to prove just how incredible this particular event was and just for you, five of the most exciting events from 2015 are below. Who knows what the rest of the year holds?!
... "Read More

In Pictures: National Gallery Launch Night

July 16, 2015

The National Gallery have recently changed their events policy and to celebrate, we helped provide entertainment for a wonderful night as we ‘stepped into a masterpiece’.

The invitation had stated that guests would get to ‘travel on a journey from Monet’s magical water-lily garden to the finest baroque courts in Europe, then experience the grandeur of 18th Century English decadence and the beauty of the French Impressionists, before reaching your final surprise destination’. Colour us intrigued!

... "Read More

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