When is the best time to book entertainment for your Christmas party?

July 24, 2014

OK let’s get straight to the point on this one; the best time to book entertainment for your Christmas party is now.

That was a little dramatic I concur, and it's not like you're raring to start thinking about what venue will look best decked in sparkly festive goodness – it's July at the time of writing this – but if there’s anything that working in booking the entertainment for myriad Christmas parties over the years has taught us it’s that booking it as soon as possible is the best possible course of action.

The important thing to question here is why should you book the entertainment for your Christmas party as soon as possible? And because we’ve been doing this for years – two decades in fact – we have a few strong reasons why it really helps you (and your wallet) to think about booking the entertainment for your Christmas party now, no matter how big, small or extravagant it may be.

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5 Former Footballers Who Can Speak About More Than Just The Beautiful Game

July 23, 2014

It’s always interesting to hear about the why's and how's from someone who makes a drastic career change at one point in their existence, and over the course of an approximately 50 year long working life, it’s not really that unheard of either – but what about when a footballer does it?

With a playing career tipped to quickly decline after the age of 32, it makes sense that more footballers than ever are using their success as a jumping point into more exotic pursuits. Current players like Andrea Pirlo and Andres Iniesta own wineries, former Arsenal man Andrei Arshavin holds a degree in fashion design, and Chelsea keeper Petr Cech is a pretty dab hand at the drumkit. Of course, these guys are still plying their trade at the highest levels but there are a host of retired (or semi-retired) players who have taken their extracurricular exploits to a whole new level.

Be they for profit, for charity, or just as a regular old hobby – here’s a few famous footballers with some alternative activities that they might just want to boast about the next time they’re booked to do a little public speaking at an event. Sadly, Beckham's not included because that'd be a bit too obvious now wouldn't it?

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Classic Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

July 22, 2014

It’s gotten to that time of year again when you probably should be thinking about booking the entertainment for your annual Christmas party and if you're reading this, you're doing better than most.

Of course, heatwaves aren’t the greatest source of inspiration for planning that Christmas office bash you’ve been tasked with but have no fear because Sternberg Clarke – as always – have a few ideas up our sleeve for all your Christmas entertainment needs.

Now this list isn’t quite an exhaustive amount of unusual ideas (we have a lot of them to come on our blog shortly) it’s more of a general guide as to what kinds of acts are a surefire hit for any Christmas party.

Read on to see a range of classic Christmas entertainment ideas that are guaranteed to make your Christmas party – put as simply as possible – FUN.

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Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday 22nd July

July 22, 2014

Following on from last week’s frenzy of entertainment that was the second heat of Beat the Brief, everything on the internet just became a little boring in comparison, or at least all the fun stuff did. Just wait until we upload the videos from the night – you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, back to YouTuesday. After browsing Youtube and Vimeo for an inordinate amount of time, I finally managed to rustle up – what in my opinion are – the top 5 most entertaining videos from around the web this week including fake magic tricks, another Game of Thrones cover, comedy mimes and word...crimes?

Read on to check out the top entertainment videos from this week.

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Mingling With Superheroes At The London Film & Comic Con

July 21, 2014

The London Film and Comic Con took place over Friday 11 to Sunday 13 July at Earl’s Court 2 and so to get stuck in with the weekend of cosplaying (or costume play, for those wondering) madness, we created some bespoke characters to help promote a new novel series from best selling US author James Frey – Endgame.

Covering almost everything related to alternative pop culture – from Game of Thrones to gaming and anime to the Avengers – the convention draws in fans of all sorts of hobbies and interests for a weekend-long celebration.

Visitors get the chance to not only mingle with fellow fans but to also meet famous faces from hit TV shows and movies – is there a better place to promote a new novel that one day might just see its characters amongst thralls of cosplayers and die-hard fans?

Read on for some more pictures and a rundown of what we provided for this massive convention.

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The Balanas Sisters Are Bringing Classical Music Back On To Centre Stage At Events

July 21, 2014

With classical music simply being demoted to merely background music at most private events, Latvian violin and cello duo The Balanas Sisters have made it their mission to bring it back into the spotlight and show off their skills on centre-stage.

Having performed for some of the most renowned orchestras across the world to much critical acclaim, The Balanas Sisters are now aiming to bring their talents to private events and parties in the hope of showcasing their deftly executed classical repertoire to a wider audience.

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Weekly Events Wrap Up: 18th July

July 18, 2014

In the news this week, a new education secretary has trotted down the Downing St catwalk along with a few others in the cabinet reshuffle. That's not the only "good" news though – crime's down, employment is up...oh and an emergency surveillance bill has been slipped through parliament but who cares about that? Am I right?

In more related, events industry news – the second heat of Beat the Brief has passed us by and we’re one act closer to putting together the three performers that will make up the final at the Event Awards on 2 October.

Without further ado, here’s some highlights from this week in events featuring a bit of event tech, some wise words from some event organisers and a slipper fit for, uh, a cocktail.

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What Is A Ceilidh Band? A First Hand Wedding Experience

July 18, 2014

OK I’ll be honest, when I first heard my sister say – upon quizzing her about what wedding entertainment she had plumped for – "I’ve hired a kaylee band!", I was pretty quick to respond with "Huh? Is that the name of a singer or something? Figures you'd go with something that no-ones heard of". In case you hadn’t guessed, no, I am not a smart man.

After taking a few seconds of reading her expression and attempting to put together the phonetic with the written I finally muttered – like someone who just discovered how to fold a deck chair – "OH! A ke-lid-he band?". Nope, still wrong.

So for those who are wondering, a Ceilidh band is pronounced kay-lee. And for those wondering what exactly a Ceilidh band does, well, that’s exactly why I decided to write this article.

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The 2nd Heat Of Beat the Brief: As It Happened

July 17, 2014

Held on 15 July at the Brooklyn Bowl, the second heat of Beat the Brief saw freestyling hip-hop comedian Chris Turner crowned winner on the night – but it was by no means an easy decision for the judges and audience to make with the stunning variety of entertainment on show at the event industry's one and only talent competition.

Five other supremely talented acts fiercely battled for their place in the final of Beat the Brief – to be held 2 October at the Event Awards – in front of an audience of over a hundred event professionals and a select panel of judges.

The brief for the second heat of the competition, which acts were encouraged to adapt their performances to, was to perform a set for the launch event of a new American styled diner called Bowled Over a diner focused on gourmet fast food and bowling.

Read on for the full lowdown of what the acts did on the night along with pictures and further information.

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Comedian Chris Turner Wins Second Heat Of Beat The Brief

July 16, 2014

Self styled hip-hop comedian Chris Turner booked his place in the final as he ran out winner for the second round of talent competition Beat the Brief at the Brooklyn Bowl nestled within the heart of North Greenwich's O2 Arena on 15 July.

The new talent competition – searching for the most exciting and versatile acts within the events industry – saw six acts perform on the night in front of an audience of over 100 event professionals and a panel of judges in search of a spot at the Beat the Brief final to be held at the Event Awards on 2 October.

Read on for more info on Chris' win at the second heat of Beat the Brief.

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