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September 01, 2015

Gold painted Stilt Walker for corporate event entertainment

Ensuring your pop-up event will reach the target market is a vital process. It’s true, you can’t plan every detail (damn you, UK weather – ever the party pooper!) but you can take various steps to ensure that your pop-up event gets seen by as many people as possible. By hiring an entertainer to perform and engage a crowd, your pop-up promotion can stand out from the crowd and succeed. So who you should hire for your exclusive pop-up party? Well, we have some pretty good ideas...... "Read More

Review - Shaun Keaveny @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

August 28, 2015

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a mainstay of the UK's "Oh you just have to go once!" conversation alongside Glastonbury, Wimbledon and possibly the London Eye. Keeping an eye out for incredible comedy performers and circus troupes, the first show we took on was by 6 Music stalwart, Shaun Keaveny, who mysteriously didn't feature in the main festival programme.  ... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! – Flying with a Cello

August 28, 2015

Here at Sternberg Clarke, we receive a lot of bookings. Many of these are based in London but a fair few are based abroad. This year so far, we’ve packed off Wandering Hands to Iceland (those poor boys...) and provided entertainment in Morocco! But let’s say we got a booking for a cellist and they had to fly to the event. How would they do it? It’s a unique problem for the reasons listed below.... "Read More

Comedy and Art – 6 Priceless Art Gallery and Museum Errors

August 27, 2015

There’s something extremely entertaining about comedy pratfalls and blunders. It’s sad but it’s true; we love seeing people do silly things and enjoy the comedy of laughing at their misfortune. A case in point is the enduring popularity of You’ve Been Framed. No event causes quite such a sharp intake of breath however, than that of the art gallery error. Or the museum trip. The exhibition blunder. Those moments where time must stop for the poor tourist as one moment, they’re enjoying the art on display and next thing they know, they’ve become the art, clowning into a priceless painting or statue. An expensive comedy moment for the ages. Here we’ve collected six classic art errors that taken collectively equates to a quarter of a billion dollars worth of errors. But on their own? It’s the art of slapstick comedy at its finest.... "Read More

Event Review – Hamlet @ The Barbican

August 26, 2015

Every year, there is one theatre event that steals the limelight from every other show in the West End. It’s such an event that the newspapers cover it en masse, various reviews seeping out before the review embargo is officially lifted, while feverish fans defend their idol from the various criticisms that are no doubt lobbied their way. This year, the theatre event of 2015 is undoubtedly Hamlet at the Barbican, where Benedict Cumberbatch is taking on the titular role as the Prince of Denmark as all around him critics descend into madness. When really, it should be the other way around...... "Read More

The Funniest Jokes of Edinburgh Fringe 2015

August 25, 2015

We love comedy. Oh boy, do we love comedy. Whether it’s providing Nina Conti or Hal Cruttenden, or maybe even Michael Macintyre, we aim to please our private and corporate clients the only way we know how. By making them laugh. Naturally the best way to do that is by telling jokes. But which jokes being told currently at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival are funniest?... "Read More

One Direction Hiatus: 5 Bands To Take Their Place

August 25, 2015

In psychology, there’s  a term known as a flashbulb memory, a moment in time that you remember so vividly that you can recall exactly where you were when you heard a piece of news. Ordinarily, this is a tragedy – 9/11 for instance or the deaths of Princess Diana and John Lennon. And yes, every so often another tragic entry joins this list. And on Monday we were all saddened by the news of 1Direction’s hiatus throughout 2016. But no matter, 1Direction’s loss is Sternberg Clarke’s gain and here we present five bands that are more than willing to take their place.... "Read More

Five Imaginative Acts for your Event

August 24, 2015

Events are meant to be fun but also inspiring. Seeing the same sort of act at each function can perhaps make things a bit samey, so here are a few ideas that your guests may not be expecting.... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! – The Fascinating Facts of the British Museum’s Great Court

August 21, 2015

The British Museum is a remarkable venue, adored the world over for its incredible exhibits and artefacts. Indeed, it was recently voted by Lonely Planet as the 15th Must See destination in the world and houses some of the world’s most precious statues and pieces within its vast collection. But next time you set foot inside the museum, we urge you to look up, for the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court (to give the full name) that you are greeted with upon entry is another feat of human achievement that often goes unappreciated.... "Read More

Event Preview - An Evening with Patrick Ness

August 20, 2015

Patrick Ness is one of the must-read young adult authors of the moment thanks to hit novels including Monsters of Men and A Monster Calls, which both won a Carnegie Medal. Next month, he releases his brilliant new book, The Rest of Us Just Live Here and you could be there to meet him!... "Read More

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