Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts – The 13 Club Dinner Parties

December 02, 2016

We provide entertainment to dinner parties every single week; corporate parties often include a sit down dinner or buffet and it’s great chance to allow workers to let down their hair, relax and possibly even network with a few of their clientele. What we don’t ordinarily do however, is provide event entertainment to dinner parties focused around The 13 Club. They died out sometime around the 1920s despite the fact that five original members were either the current, past or future President. Intrigued? Read on!... "Read More

Top 5: Most Underrated Christmas Film Songs

December 01, 2016

The thing about Christmas songs is that everyone has their favourite and annoyingly, most of the Christmas albums released each year feature the same ones every time. Wizard, Slade, hell even Bo Selecta features on a few. But what are the five underrated Christmas songs that you’ve either heard but never known who sang (check out Darlene Love’s two contributions below) or that you should check out sometime after watching a solid Christmas movie? Because we care for your Christmas party guests, we’ve compiled five kinda nice songs that we wish had more recognition after featuring in films and on TV.... "Read More

7 Fabulous New Musical Acts Perfect for your Big Day

November 30, 2016

When it comes to booking wedding entertainment, you often want something reliable but unique. Something that will make your friends and family comment on just how wonderful the day has been and how much they loved the entertainment in particular. That is what you want! Unfortunately if you go with a band you saw at a friend’s wedding, they won’t be quite so special so it’s best to hire a wedding band or artist whom nobody has seen before to truly wow the crowd. And it’s your lucky day because we’ve just added these amazing entertainers to our website.... "Read More

Our 3 Most Booked Christmas Acts

November 29, 2016

We’ve been saying it for the past few months but it really pays to book Christmas entertainment far in advance in order to have your pick of what’s on offer. You see, the later you leave it, the more stressed you’ll end up being due to various acts filling up their diary quicker than you can sing the Twelve Days of Christmas. Without further ado then. Let’s see which three types of acts you should book earlier next year to ensure that you have a stress free run up to Christmas!... "Read More

Top Events Venue – The Wallace Collection

November 28, 2016

Our latest addition to our ‘Top Events Venue’ series, we look at The Wallace Collection, a national museum which contains unsurpassed displays of French 18th century art, furniture and porcelain. Situated just off bustling Oxford Street inside Hertford House, this is a spectacular setting for entertaining and can host a variety of events.... "Read More

Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts – The History of the Joker

November 25, 2016

We have all shuffled a pack of cards. Most probably own at least one, just in case we want to practice a couple of magic tricks or have a game or two of a popular card game. You normally take the playing cards from the pack, take out the Jokers and start dealing the cards. But have you ever stopped to wonder where the Joker comes from and why it is there? Well we have the information that you require!... "Read More

Hollie McNish and Metropole Orkest @ Cadogan Hall – Review

November 24, 2016

We love all things entertainment and every now and again, something comes along that you just can’t turn down! The beauty of entertainment is that it can take many forms, but our favourite occasions are those where there is something unique on display; something we’ve never seen before. Could poetry and live modern orchestral music combine to form something that works seamlessly? We took a trip to Cadogan Hall to find out.... "Read More

Organising an American Themed Wedding – Wedding Wednesday

November 23, 2016

Has anybody else noticed that the USA appear to be in the news a lot recently? America is everywhere, thanks in no small part to the election yesterday and although the results haven’t been officially confirmed just yet, we thought it’d be fun to focus on the country as a means to hold your very own American themed wedding with some exciting American themed entertainment thrown in.... "Read More

Strolling Christmas Entertainment to Hire!

November 22, 2016

With just under a month until Christmas Day arrives, there’s not much time to book your Christmas entertainment for the office party! Not every business can afford to go wild at Christmas time and book out an impressive venue, so we imagine there will be a fair few of you reading this who are looking forward to having a couple of bottles of wine just a few metres from the comforts of your desk. Despite the fact that their might not be enough room to have the whole entertainment package we offer, there are more than a few Christmassy strolling acts that can bring a little festive cheer as they go.... "Read More

Sunken Cities at the British Museum - Review

November 21, 2016

We love the British Museum for corporate events and private parties, with their various spaces available for drinks receptions right through to full sit down dinners! Due to the space available, the Museum offers a unique area in which you can celebrate your function right next to the Rosetta Stone! But we don’t always look on these venues as purely for events; sometimes we like to visit to see what they have on display as well, which is exactly why we headed over to the British Museum over the weekend, indulging ourselves in their fabulous Sunken Cities exhibition.... "Read More

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