UV Dancers


Dance Ensemble

UV Dancers are sure to impress your guests! Our amazing performers are painted in a variety of luminescent paints and dance through the darkness. We guarantee that you will have never seen anything quite like this before!

Available as an ambient act or headline choreographed performance, we have a host of UV Dancers that are sure to add that special something to your event. Our artists work with you to ensure a brilliant design; from robot to jungle, we will ensure the very best art imaginable!

And that’s not all! In addition to the rainbow paints available in colours including red, yellow and green, our glow in the dark dancers can also wear laser gloves that add an extra wow-factor to any event. Hugely picturesque and sure to draw a crowd, the UV Dancers are a perfect addition to any party and if you are looking for lots of shares on social media, this is the act for you.

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