Twist and Pulse


Dance Duo

Born and bred South Londoners, Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy, met at the renowned ‘Brits School of Performing Arts. Through a joint love of dance, they have quickly become role models for young people around the UK. As their alter egos, Twist (Ash) and Pulse (Glen), they quickly shot to fame on one of the most watched TV shows in the UK. They achieved 2nd place on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, managing to win over both the public and Simon Cowell and his formidable team, with their talent and charm!‚Äč

Later, they made celebrated return to the top rated show with their own dance company. They have been a mainstay on numerous TV shows on national television since. Their journey since ‘BGT’ has been a whirlwind! Not content with just winning over the U.K, they have performed worldwide including taking the role of celebrity judges on Chinas biggest streetdance TV show on CCTV5 with a viewership of 400,000,000 people!  Their total YouTube views have hit over 80 million!

More recently they appeared on BGT: The Champions, a version of the hit show that brought back some of the top performing acts since the series began. Not content with merely performing, Twist and Pulse went on to win the show and claim a whole new legion of fans nine years after they first appeared on the show. An excellent choice for corporate events and parties, we guarantee that guests wil love to see this dance duo that have captured the nation's attention. 

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