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Sinatra Tribute

Totally Frank Sinatra Tribute

Totally Frank is an unrivalled Sinatra Tribute singer and the only Sinatra act in the UK recommended by the President of Sinatra Music Society.

His broad appeal has seen him impress at a hugely diverse number of events, from impersonating Sinatra’s voice on an advert starring Oscar-nominated Naomi Watts to television appearances on E4 and the BBC. And as well as being the star attraction in the UK and US for the book launch of photography book "The Rat Pack," prestige brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton have also booked him for promotions/campaigns in the UK, Asia and USA. 

Clients have the option of hiring him as a classic Frank Sinatra-style singer or the full look-alike/sound-alike impersonation complete with authentic Hoboken accent between songs.

Whether it’s background music during dinner, a wow-factor show or show to pack a dance floor, be assured Totally Frank will deliver spectacularly entertaining and seriously swinging interpretations of all your Frank Sinatra favourites. 

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“Flawlessly performed, would please any Sinatra purist” – Ken Barnes, President of SINATRA MUSIC SOCIETY

“With a perfectly natural timbre to his voice he immediately conjures up Old Blue Eyes in his glory years – The Stage Newspaper

“He captured Sinatra’s suaveness and charisma and you could imagine Frank, himself, was singing” – Life Magazine

“What a fantastic singer he is as Frank Sinatra, he made my wedding day go off superbly. People haven’t stopped talking about it and with him there singing I achieved the atmosphere I was looking for. Everyone thought he was fabulous so I can’t thank him enough for making my day!” - Penny Pamplin, Essex

“I thought they were playing a CD (of Sinatra) until I came around the corner and saw it was you singing” – Shawn Levy, author of US bestseller Rat Pack Confidential