The Snow Sphere


Strolling Snow Globe

The Snow Sphere is a unique, one of a kind creation. It is the only roaming special effects-filled snow globe in the world. Visually beautiful and hugely interactive, it provides the perfect wow factor for Christmas events and transports the spectator to a place of imagination and wonder whatever their age.

An elaborately detailed winter scene, with a host of magical special effects, is beautifully encased inside this life sized, illuminated snow globe structure. All this is brought to life by the shimmering Snow Queen character sat inside. A unique blend of animatronics and human control guides this snow globe and its queen through your event, interacting with and amazing your guests. Twinkling lights illuminate from the inside, adding extra enchantment for evening events. Tranquil themed music plays from it, and a host of winter sound effects such as howling wind and crunching snow are triggered by the sweep of the Snow Queens’ hand. Guests are encouraged by the Snow Queen to press the big button on the outside of her world which triggers a huge snow blizzard special effect inside the globe. This wonderful interactive effect creates an immediate wow factor for guests and makes for perfect photo opportunities.

The act can either be positioned outside the venue as a unique meet and greet as guests arrive, or positioned inside as drinks reception entertainment. The act works just as well statically as roaming, if space is limited. We highly recommend watching the video below to see this unusual act brought to life. 
For a summer/spring floral version of this act, please visit Enchanted Flower Globe.

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