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Tessa Jowell is currently Shadow Minister for the Olympics and for London and has been a Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood since 1992. As Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport she was a key supporter of the London 2012 Olympic bid. She played an instrumental role in bringing the Games to Britain and is credited with bringing the entire government behind the bid.

Tessa entered parliament after an early career in health care, social policy and public sector management and innovation, culminating in a directorship at the charity MIND. Her first government post was Public Health Minister and ministerial positions for Women, Employment, Welfare to Work and Equal Opportunities followed. As Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport she oversaw the renegotiation of the BBC Charter in the new digital age, a review of media regulation, the foundation of OFCOM and secured a decade of funding for the arts.

Drawing on her considerable experience as both a politician and her role in the London 2012 Olympic programme, Tessa Jowell offers valuable insights into what it takes to successfully lead and deliver large scale projects. She expertly highlights the importance of strategic planning and communication and shows how it is possible to achieve a healthy work / life balance.

A passionate believer in the power of sport as a force for social good around the world, Tessa believes that with a positive approach and determination you can achieve your goals in your career as well as on a personal level.

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  • Corproate events, entertainment agency, speaker, appearence


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