Opera Redefined



More than just opera singers... more than singing waiters, these two gorgeous operatic singers will entertain your guests with one of the most original, entertaining and clever acts in the corporate and wedding market. Opera Redefined is a wonderful blend of surprise, glamour, wit, a hilarious script, audience involvement and stunning voices.

How the show unfolds…

Surprise section

You can choose how the two performers will surprise your guests:

  • Waiters who cause a scene and break into song
  • Raffle ticket organisers who hand out raffle tickets at the start of the evening, take to the stage to announce the winners..only to be distracted by all the good looking people in the room….cue the first song written for the show which includes hilarious lines and audience interaction.
  • Award recipients who happen to be at the wrong event…picture the Oscar worthy speech for a ridiculous award! When the award music commences they have no choice but to start singing.
  • Guests at the wrong event…awkward! They soon realise this once they have got everyone’s attention for the fictitious speech, however they soon get distracted by all the good looking guests… cue the first song written for the show which includes hilarious lines and audience interaction

Time for some singing:

The performers then entertain and delight the guests with some beautiful duets. Choices include opera hits, musical theatre, classical crossover and jazz favourites.

The Finale:

The hilarious piece de resistance, a performance of Bizet's masterpiece, Carmen, performed in its entirety (less all the boring bits) in 15 minutes. A sumptuous underscore threads its way through the whole event. Complete with audience participation the show will keep all types of audiences entertained from start to finish.

Clients can select all or parts of the show, and Opera Redefined work with every client to ensure the show is perfect for their event.



The Brindisi - Verdi's La Traviata
Time To Say Goodbye - Sartori 
I Believe - Levisalles
You Raise Me Up - Lovland
All I Ask of You - Lloyd Webber
A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman 

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Debra Slingsby - ESC Limited, Private Party Event, South Yorkshire

Excellent entertainment would recommend every day of the week. Professional performers and a most unusual act. Everyone at our party enjoyed them. I hope to have an opportunity to use them again.

Bob Bolitho, Birthday Party Event, Maunsel House, Somerset, Somerset

The Stand Up Opera Show were brilliant. We roughly knew what to expect from the online videos, but were blown away by their professionalism and interaction with us and our guests. It was the perfect end to a perfect day and we can not recommend them highly enough, thank you.

Tess Doherty - Event Co-Ordinator, Qantas

Well done! To keep 540 people captivated was brilliant. The perfromers’ wit and singing prowess made our night the one that everyone is still raving about - what I am wondering is how did they manage to pick a "winner" that everyone seemed to relate to? This was real laugh out loud entertainment and I will certainly be recommending you for similar functions.