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Richard Noble is one of the only people alive whom has broken the land speed record, which he managed to achieve in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in 1983 with Thrust 2, which held the record until 1997. In addition to this, he was project director of ThrustSSC, the current record holder and the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier. A hugely engaging and passionate speaker, he is more than happy to talk about ambition, the teamwork and the belief that took his engineering team to the very top.

Having been inspired by engines and speed since he was a child learning about the fastest machines on both water and land, Richard Noble has spent his entire career enhancing vehicles with jet propellers, taking on high risk ventures in a low risk society. A natural after-dinner speaker, Richard can talk of previous projects including Thrust 2 or ThrustSSC, as well as other efforts including his work to create a new all-British light aircraft and his creation of the Air Taxi for businessmen and women who found the existing air, rail and road network too inflexible and expensive for their needs.

An eccentric man who has forged an eclectic and imaginative career, Richard Noble is an excellent after-dinner speaker that speaks with warmth and exuberance about his numerous escapades. A delightful storyteller who has written bestselling autobiography Thrust: The Remarkable Story of One Man’s Quest for Speed, Richard is sure to impress with anecdotes from across his entire career and is the face of ambition and what can be achieved if somebody has belief in themselves alongside a unique idea.

Awarded as an honorary Doctor of Technology by the University of the West of England, Richard Noble is able to talk on a variety of topics including science, engineering, adventure, invention and of course, his need for speed.


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  • Richard Noble, Speaker, After dinner speaker, book after dinner speaker


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