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Richard Noble, Speaker, After dinner speaker, book after dinner speaker

Richard Noble has been a regular speaker at corporate conferences and events all over the World with 550 appearances in the last 25 years.

Because of the wide range of activities involved in the projects and the extraordinary approaches needed to overcome the sceptics and cynics, Richard is able to speak on a very wide range of business related topics.

Key to the presentations are the essential will to win through to success and the extraordinary levels of risk, stress pressure and struggle of the latest counter culture programmes.

Recently Richard has decided to defend his Land Speed record against a rival American bid. The project was codenamed Bloodhound after Ron Ayers 1960's SAM missile, the Bristol Bloodhound, which was a main element in Britain's defence system for some 20 years. The Bloodhound 2 missile would accelerate from 0-Mach 2 in 4 seconds.
The codename stuck and the Project is identified as the Bloodhound Engineering Adventure. The adventure is the correct terminology because the eventual outcome of the project is of course not known and much is going to be learned in the process.
As one might expect, the projects tend to operate some way ahead of conventional corporate change - being dependent on the need for very high levels of individual performance and funded with minimal finance.

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  • Richard Noble, Speaker, After dinner speaker, book after dinner speaker


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