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James Woudhuysen is a journalist, broadcaster and visiting Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at London’s South Bank University. He regularly advises corporations and governments on the future of technology and specialises in energy, IT and the home.

As his resume would suggest, James is renowned for his forecasting prowess. He identifies trends, analyses research and comes to conclusions on numerous topics well before they reach the more traditional news media. In 1983, he wrote an instruction manual for word processing software. In 1988, he conducted a multi-client study on e-commerce. In 1993 he identified that the Internet could be delivered by television and in 2004, four years before the global recession, he noted the problems with Freddie Mac in his book Why Is Construction So Backward?

James has worked as both Head of Research in design as well as a lead consultant in both IT and Urban Development before being responsible for Global Market Intelligence at Philips Consumer Electronics, a position which led to his nomination for Motivator of the Year.

A motivational speaker whom has worked for clients including Amadeus, Orange, SAP and Nokia, James Woudhuysen is guaranteed to impress when he speaks on topics including forecasting, innovation and trends. He is regularly interviewed by the likes of Sky News for his thoughts on news stories covering technology and the Internet.

Currently a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour and also sitting on the board of the Housing Forum, James is an accomplished speaker who can also talk on the importance of not only design but also sustainability. Guests are sure to be impressed by the broad number of subjects James can cover during his speeches, often moving from economics and IT to politics and sociology. A tremendously informative speaker for conferences ad after-dinner speeches, James Woudhuysen is more than happy to work with clients to deliver a speech that works for them.


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