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James Averdieck is the founder and former CEO of Gu puddings and currently runs his new venture The Coconut Collaborative, which uses coconut milk in their desserts. A serial food entrepreneur, James is a master of marketing and bringing a brand to market and is more than happy to deliver speeches on business, branding, food and entrepreneurialism.

Building Gu desserts from the ground up, James eventually sold the business for £32 million after selling his product to all the major supermarkets. He identifies that the key to its success was the idea and the journey as well as his innate passion to revolutionise the stagnant desserts market. He had noticed that consumers were starting to form a backlash against mass produced brands and were looking for more artisanal products to bring to their dinner tables.

A compelling and hugely motivational speaker, James Averdieck is more than happy to talk of his experience with Gu and subsequent success with The Coconut Collaborative, noting that is not the exit strategy or final sale price that businesses should be focusing on when first starting out.

Honest and humorous, James will take delegates on a journey through his career and is always transparent in his business approach. Not merely focusing on his successes, James also talks about his failures and what he learned from his missteps.   

A charismatic and intelligent speaker that is sure to inspire his audiences, James Averdieck speaks on achieving his dream in the food market and what he perceives the next step to be. A pioneer in his industry, he is a natural storyteller and has a gift for witty anecdotes that can be enjoyed by all. Highly recommended for any event that requires a conference, after-dinner or keynote speaker, James Averdieck is happy to pass on, almost literally, the sweet smell of his success to others.


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